2018 Singapore Public Holidays Announced : It’s Time to Travel!

Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower has recently announced the 2018 Singapore Public Holidays. There are 11 of them and they are…

2018 Singapore Public Holidays
2018 Singapore Public Holidays

Courtesy of Ministry of Manpower

Many people have said that the holidays aren’t that good, especially with the Chinese New Year falling on a Friday and Monday. At first glance, there are only 4 holidays falling on a Monday or Friday.

However, there are 5 holidays falling on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This means that by taking 5 days of leave on

30 Apr (Labour Day on 1 May 2018)
28 May (Vesak Day on 29 May 2018)
10 Aug (National Day on 9 Aug 2018)
5 Nov (Deepavali on 6 Nov 2018)
24 Dec (Christmas on 25 Dec 2018)

You will be able to have 5 additional long weekends in 2018. So, of the 52 weeks in 2018, you’ll have 4+5 = 9 long weekends! Not too bad with a little planning done.

Let us know how you will be planning for travels and holidays in 2018, using the comments section below!

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Happy Travels in 2018 everyone!

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