2bearbear’s BASIC Factor for Hotels!

So you must be wondering, what exactly is the BASIC factor?

BASIC Factor for 2bearbear.com Hotel Reviews

The BASIC factor refers to different aspects of the hotel which we think (note : “we” refers to the opinions of the 2bearbears) are important during our stay. It may be a little quirky, but these are things that we feel are what makes a good stay, GREAT!

Do note also that for all factors, there will either be a score of 0, 0.5 or 1. Hence, the maximum point a hotel can get based on the BASIC factor, would be 5.

B – Bathroom. To make a stay excellent, a good bathroom and thus a bathtub is necessary. 0.5 will be granted to a room with a clean bathroom and 1 to a room with bathtub (has to be clean and working!).

A – Ambience. This factor is relatively subjective in nature. In general, if there are no negative vibes, the hotel receives 0.5. If the vibe is good (i.e. it can be quaint, boutique, sporty, trendy, classy, luxurious, opulence etc.), the hotel receives a score of 1.

S – Service. For us, friendly service with an eye for detail will make your stay that much more wonderful. Hotels with good service receives 0.5 while excellent and impeccable service receives a score of 1.

I – Infinity Pool. To clarify, it need not be “infinity pool” per se. As long as there’s a swimming pool, the hotel receives 0.5. An excellent pool (pool with a view, sky pool, infinity pool, huge pools) receives a score of 1.

C – Comfort. It is important for guests to feel rested after their stay and this is attributed very much to the comfort of their stay. A clean and decent room affords 0.5 while an extremely comfortable stay (beds that makes you want to lie in it after check-out timing) affords a score of 1.

So there you have it! The 2bearbear BASIC Factor for hotels and of course, the higher the BASIC score, the better it is!

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