5 Reasons You Should Be Travelling …NOW!

If you’re thinking of doing that trip that you’ve always wanted, hesitate no more! Here are 5 more reasons why you should travel right now!

5 reasons why you should be travelling now

1. Recharge and Rejuvenate – Why Travel Now?

Ever felt that there’s too much stress at work and that you’re no longer effective at what you’re doing? These are signs that you should take a break and travel, RIGHT NOW! Travelling (OVERSEAS – a key word here), allows you to take your mind off work and allow your body to take a break physically as well.

Do us a favour and remember to switch off your phones while you’re away yah?

2. The World is Constantly Changing – Why Travel Now?

Ever heard the saying that cities such as Venice is fast sinking? Or that the Great Barrier Reef may be decreasing in size due to pollution and increase in water temperatures? While these may be true, the fastest change come from rapid developments across the globe. Having been to places like Bali and Lombok over the years, we have seen rapid developments including your usual shopping malls springing up, taking away the original beauty of these places.

Visit now, before vast developments and changes take away what you can enjoy today!

3. Making use of favourable currency exchanges – Why Travel Now?

The Singapore currency is at a very favourable exchange rate against major currencies. Thinking of doing premium outlet shopping in USA? Now you can with a good rate of 1.36 SGD to 1 USD. When we were in US in 2010, it was 1.52! That’s a 15% discount for your Coach bag right off the cuff! Likewise, with Indonesia Rupiah at about 9850 against 1 SGD, we happily approximated all purchases to 10,000 to 1 SGD! 😛

USD is expected to rise to about 1.4 at year’s end. You know what to do right?

4. Budget airlines and travel related developments – Why Travel Now?

With the entry of Scoot as well as increase of flights to new destinations from budget airlines, there’s no better time to travel! Due to more flights and airlines, you can be sure that the prices remain competitive for travellers like you and I. What’s more, sites such as Kayak and Zuji will be able to help you find the cheapest rates from all airlines flying in and out of Singapore! Also, AirAsia has introduced the Asean Pass that allows travel to multiple destinations in ASEAN at really cheap rates. The catch are that flights must be booked 14 days in advance and each flight route can only be done once.

Apply leave, compare flight information and fly out now!

5. Experience a different culture – Why Travel Now?

As cliche as this might sound, travelling allows you to experience various cultures around the world. How else would you know that there are usually no thrash bins in the streets of Japan or that transport and food prices are really cheap in Singapore compared to other developed countries?

Step out and experience the world now!

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