My name is Tom. Together with Kate we have travelled to many parts of the world and we constantly put up new and interesting posts for our readers to enjoy.

Since May 2011, we have been attracting visitors from around the globe. Visitorship, Alexa ranking as well as Mozrank has been steadily increasing since our very first post.

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Statistics from Oct 2016

Facebook Fans : 6000
Youtube Subscribers : 250

By our 2nd year, visitorship has increased by more than 5 fold as compared to our 1st year! This means that 15,000 unique visitors see our pages every month! We are now one of the top Singapore Travel Blogs and have been named as one of the Top 50 Travel Bloggers in Singapore across all categories (Travel, Food, Lifestyle) in 2016!

We have had many successful collaborations with partners in the travel industry such as hoteliers, airlines, travel agencies, insurance companies or even tourism boards. A complete list of our collaborations can be seen here.

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There are various options to advertise with us. These include (but not limited to)

1. Advertorials will write articles for sponsors that provide their products or services such as cameras, hotels, air tickets etc. Articles will be written for these services and products and links / prominent displays can be done for these articles as well.

2. Ad Banners

Promotional banners with images can be placed on prominent locations of the website.

3. Text links

Text links can be placed across all pages or posts on

4. Promotional posts about new launches,products or promotions

If you have a product or service that is about to be launched or have promotions that are currently running, is able to create posts and link back to your website for these on-going events.

5. Product Reviews

We have recently started to do product reviews for our clients as well. If you have any product that you would like to promote on, send it to us and we will do a review of the product on our site!

We also provide reviews for flights, hotels and even travel packages in return for an opportunity to review these services provided by your company.

Industry names such as Expedia, Agoda, Raffles Hotel, Ritz Carlton Millenia, Regent, Shangri-La, Far East Hospitality, Sheraton, Malaysian Tourism Board, Visit Vancouver, San Francisco Tourism Board and Hostelworld have already partnered with us.

It’s time you do so too!

For more details, drop us an email at contact[at]

We look forward to an exciting partnership with you!

Tom and Kate,



We’re Tom and Kate, founders and travel bloggers of This Singapore Travel Blog started out as a platform for us to record our memories from our travels across the globe. But as we grew, many opportunities opened! Today, we hope to be an informative travel source for our readers worldwide!

If you are interested in partnering us to bring your brand to a wider audience, You can reach us easily via our email :

Here’s a quick summary of our achievements thus far


– Founding and establishment of
– Consistent high quality content despite low traffic and rankings (Hard work and determination!)
– Alexa ranking : In excess of 1,300,000 websites world-wide


– Continuation of high quality content produced for countries and attractions visited
– Commencement of site advertising
– Site turns profitable
– Alexa ranking : Breaks into top 1,000,000 websites world-wide


– Establishment of Singapore Staycation Marketing (with no background to marketing)
– Self-read / Self-established SEO guru with first google page 1 keyword established for “Things to do in Desaru”
– Commencement of Advertorials, producing value in terms of content, coverage, exposure, SEO and traffic for our partners
– Produces 1st E-book, “2bearbear Travel Tips”
– Alexa ranking : 600,000+ websites world-wide


– Collaboration includes various partners within the travel industry including airlines, hotels, tourism boards and cruises
– Alexa ranking : Breaks into top 500,000 websites world-wide

Facebook Fans : 6000
Youtube Subscriptions : 250
Daily UNIQUE visitors : 500
Alexa World Ranking : Currently at 680,000 (from 1,300,000 in 2011)

2015 to 2017
– Facebook Fans exceeds 15,000
– Celebrates WeAre5 (5th Year Anniversary) with Giveaways for 2bearbear Readers.
– Increased reach with partners in USA, South America, Europe and various countries in Southeast Asia [See all our collaborations here]
– Partners who have collaborated with 2bearbear exceeds the 100 milestone

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