Benefits of Travelling with Uber…

After a long time of resistance, we recently started to travel with Uber. We realized that there are several benefits, especially for travellers to travel with Uber. In this post, we show you some of these benefits!

Benefits of Travelling with Uber: It’s Cheaper

As many of you already know by now, it is actually much cheaper to travel with Uber. Case in point, during our recent trip to Memphis (check out the Top 5 Things to do in Memphis – Home of Elvis Presley!), we realized that the fares were about half of that compared to traditional taxis. Moreover, in USA, tips have to be added (yes, TIPS ARE NECESSARY FOR CABS!) and this would make travelling via taxis quite expensive.

Benefits of Travelling with Uber: It’s Safer

Uber on the way
Uber on the way
Time to Destination
Time to Destination
Trip Information
Trip Information

Contrary to popular belief, Uber seems to be relatively safer than traditional taxis (no, this is not a sponsored post). This is because, the entire trip is tracked by Uber. You’ll be able to see where your Uber driver is when he is coming to pick you up. During the trip, you can see that he is taking the “Uber recommended” route to the destination. In addition, you’ll have a picture of the driver, his car and model number – identification that you probably wouldn’t get with conventional taxi drivers. Lastly, all the payment is made via Uber. This means that no cash transaction is involved – always a good option to avoid any form of haggling with taxi drivers. Nope, no tipping of drivers required. Just hop on and hop off.

Benefits of Travelling with Uber: It’s Better for Travellers

During the same trip, we were able to find out where our driver likes to eat in Memphis. She introduced us to try out Central BBQ and it turned out to be one of the best (if not the best) BBQ ribs we’ve ever eaten! Without that introduction from our local driver, we probably wouldn’t have eaten at Central BBQ and missed out of those amazingly smoked BBQ ribs!

We think that this is probably one of the best perk to travellers. Being able to have insider local tips while travelling to your next destination, makes Uber a great travelling companion for the travellers of today!

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