Berjaya Hills – Colmar Tropicale Jun 2011


Berjaya Hills is located near to KL and Genting Highlands. It is about 800m above sea level (Genting is about 2000m) . Hence, the drive up the hill is relatively smooth and short compared to the long and windy roads of Genting. The drive up the hill from the main road is only about 15 mins.

The entire development is done up by the Berjaya Group and currently consists of the Colmar Tropicale, Golf/Country Club, Rabbit Farm, Horse Trail as well as the Japanese/Botanical Garden. The Chateau (A French themed resort and spa) will be opening in July and there are also talks of a German, Italian and Spanish themed resorts.

The temperature is about low to mid 20s though it may reach about 30 degrees on hot days.

Japanese and Botanical Gardens

Cost : Free

One of our favourite attractions at Berjaya Hills has got to be the Japanese Garden. As the roads were under construction, the shuttle from the resort dropped us off a distance from the gardens itself. The beginning of the walk was a 45degrees inclined path which exhausted us quite a bit (or at least Tom). However, if you tread the path slowly, you would enjoy the scenery of the hills, the overhanging trees and the birds.

The gardens are filled with Japanese themed plants and flowers. Pebbles lined the pathway. Heading towards the Japanese teahouse, we were pleasantly surprised by the koi fish pond as well as the gentle streams and mini falls. The sounds of the water really together with the serenity of the gardens really does allow one to unwind.

Along the way there is a spa as well as a guest house. We think that the prices are quite exorbitant but still the architecture adds genuine flavour to the gardens.

The Japanese gardens is linked to the botanical gardens via a short walkway. For the botany enthusiasts, you will find that the plants are labelled meticulously, some with their scientific names.  The entire walk, at a leisure pace will take about an hour or so. Do take your time to enjoy the sights and sounds of the nature!


Horse Trail

Cost : 1 hour trail costs 100RM on weekdays and 120RM on weekends

It was the first time that we rode a horse. Hence, Wan (the receptionist @ the Horse Trail) recommended that we had a half hour introduction to riding before half an hour on the roads. We gladly accepted his recommendation and we never regretted it.

The first half hour was basically about confidence building. When you first mount the horse, you will feel a little tensed. After the introduction, we all felt quite relaxed and had a great time on the trail.

The introduction covered riding (riding in circles within a pen while the horses trotted) without hands, without legs and without hands and legs. After which, the sequence was repeated without hands while the horse galloped.  We were also taught how to angle our heels and be at at standing position such that when the horse is climbing up a slope, we sort of ease the burden on the horse a little.

After the introduction, we were relaxed and confident about riding our  horses (mine was called Miss Penelope while Kate’s was called Indiana Rose). The trail took us out on the main road for about 2 kilometres or so and we were able to just chat and enjoy the scenery that Berjaya Hills had to offer.

On a side note, the rabbit farm was close by and it costs only 3RM for entry. We peered in from the outside and saw that the kids were thoroughly enjoying themselves. A recommended place for family time.


Golf/ Country Club

Although we are not golf enthusiasts, we can see that the condition of the golf course was quite well maintained. It should be a place that golfers will enjoy. The club house offers archery, billiard, bowling, squash, tennis, swimming and badminton.

But the highlight of the country club (at least for us) has got to be the cafe! This is because, up on the hills at Tropicale, the restaurants charge exorbitant prices (A large pizza costs 36RM while the buffet was 55RM++) At the cafe of the clubhouse, the jumbo hotdog that comes with fries and salad costs only 11RM! Noodles and rice were about 13RM.


Colmar Tropicale

We stayed in a 2BR suite and had views of the hills and swimming pool. The view of the ‘main street’ (about 100 metres of it) is really modelled/inspired by the French town of Colmar. At the end of the ‘main street’ is a tower, overlooking the hills, golf course and resort itself. Here is a video of it…



There is even complimentary acrobatics as well as magic shows at several timings throughout the day!


Our Take

He says: I have thoroughly enjoyed the trip especially the walk through the gardens. Breathing in the fresh air of the hills and taking in the greenery does relaxes the soul.  I also enjoyed the horse trail and learning how to ride a horse. Since I drive, Im also glad that the drive uphill was actually only about 15 mins…phew…

She says: I enjoyed the cool weather and the landscape of the hills. I think I had enough pastries for the remaining half of the year. I was scared to ride the horse but Im glad I did it in the end as it was actually quite fun!

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Colmar Tropicale Berjaya Hills
Colmar Tropicale Berjaya Hills

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3 Comments on Berjaya Hills – Colmar Tropicale Jun 2011

  1. Hi able to share how to get there? did you travel to Berjaya Hills from KL or from Singapore? from KL city how long is the ride and did you both go by self drive or bus? Would you be able to recommend a bus company to get to the hills.. thanks

  2. Hi Crazynut,

    We actually got there via car from KL. It was about an hour and a half. The ascending took some time.

    It was actually a self drive, so we cant recommend bus company. Hope you’ll enjoy the trip there crazynut!

  3. oh ok… how to drive there from KL? do i head towards penang or head down towards malacca? btw got nice things to ear there or not hehehe

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