Best Travel Advice Anyone Has Given You

So what is the best travel advice anyone has given you?

We thought of this question after listening to Kiss 92 this morning. They were asking “What is the best advice anyone has given you”. So we decided to make this discussion more travel-centric

What is the Best Travel Advice Anyone Has Given You?

Well, the best travel advice for us is to travel “Free & Easy”. There are actually several reasons why we have not travelled with group tours for the last 5 years…

1. You plan what you want to do. Essentially, you have the flexibility of planning what you want to do. Afterall, it is YOUR HOLIDAY! If your holiday revolves around food, no problem! Diving? Sure! Free and Easy vacations allows you to plan and do what you love and enjoy!

2. Flexibility. If you feel too lazy that particular morning, just sleep in! No tour guide will knock on your door to force you to meet at the lobby…If you’re enjoying an activity, an atmosphere or maybe the food (and would like to go for seconds), just do so! Travelling free and easy gives you that flexibility!

Take Your Time & Rejuvenate
Take Your Time & Rejuvenate

3. Privacy Afraid that someone may pick up your stinky feet, snoring habits or loud belches after travelling for 10 days together? No worries, no other groups of people will be travelling with you if you’re doing free and easy. Well, except your party of course. In our case, Kate would be enduring all of the above and more!

4. May be cheaper sometimes. We often recommend bookings through Agoda because through our travel experiences, we have found that most of the time, they offer rates that are cheaper or equivalent as compared to booking with the hotels directly. But because they have a reward system, even equivalent rates are considered cheaper! What’s more, they give additional points for reviews after your hotel stays. Because of the rewards, we have accumulated a couple of free hotel stays already!

Also, because you’re travelling free and easy, you can make use of promotional flights that airlines are offering from time to time. Combined with good deals from Agoda, our overall trips are usually quite affordable.

Last but not least, you cut out the middle man as well!

For us, travelling “Free & Easy” is definitely one of the best travel advice shared with us!

So what is the best travel advice that you have received so far? Share it with us in the comments section below!

Tom & Kate,

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