Big Mama Korean Restaurant @ Kim Tian Road : Great Food & Service!

Big Mama Korean Restaurant located at the corner of Kim Tian Road (Address : 2 Kim Tian Road, Singapore 169244) has been making waves since inception. Kate and I have already visited this hugely popular restaurant twice and we would most likely visit again soon…

 Corridor to Big Mama Restaurant @ Kim Tian Road Singapore
Corridor to Big Mama Restaurant @ Kim Tian Road Singapore

 Recommendations outside Big Mama Korean Restaurant
Recommendations outside Big Mama Korean Restaurant

Recommended Dishes at Big Mama Korean Restaurant

If it is your first time visiting Big Mama, no worries. There are several recommendations including the Dakgalbi (Spicy Grilled Chicken – $15 per serving , minimum 2 servings) and Suyuk (Boiled Pork – $25) and you will definitely not go wrong with these recommendations. Even if you’re a newbie to Korean food like Kate and I, the friendly staff will show you the “ropes”.

On our first visit, we were pleasantly surprised that the staff took time to explain the different ways to savour the Suyuk. She made 3 different versions of the dish for us as she explained whether the dips were spicy or not (not spicy one). Unfortunately, we did not take many photos on our first visit. Hence, we made sure we did on our 2nd!

 Free side dishes at Big Mama's!
Free side dishes at Big Mama’s!

These 6 side dishes (ignore the reddish looking one at the extreme right – it’s actually a dip for the soup) are complimentary (AND REFILLABLE!!!! Did we put enough exclamations??). Our favourite, like most customers is the lotus root. In this dish, there are long beans and lotus root. The white sauce is peanuty and sesame-ey while the vege are crunchy and fresh. Really gets your appetite going!

 pDakgalbi (spicy grilled chicken) - Recommended Dish @ Big Mama Korean Restaurant
Dakgalbi (spicy grilled chicken) – Recommended Dish @ Big Mama Korean Restaurant

The Dakgalbi is definitely our favourite dish! Considering that we do not usually order the same dish twice, this dish must have caught our attention, having ordered it on both our visits. You will have a choice of having the dish prepared right in front of you or for the staff to prepare it first before bringing it to you. Well, the cool thing is that you can see how it’s done right before your very eyes. The not so cool thing? Well…smell that lingers on your shirt…Oh, on that note, please dress comfortably and not to the nines. Because of the preparation methods, the smell is actually quite strong. Yummy but strong.

You know when you watch Korean shows and towards the end of the meal, they will pour in some rice and fry it? This can be done with Dakgalbi. Again, no worries if you’re a newbie. The friendly staff will approach you to ask if you would like to have fried rice. A bowl of rice ($3 per bowl) will be added and fried together with generous amounts of grounded sesame seeds, seaweed and seasoning. Something not to be missed!

Last but not least, do not be mistaken by the red colour and think that this is “kimchi”. If you taste the Dakgalbi and the kimchi side dish. You will notice the difference. Another korean food lesson for us. The kimchi is spicy though. Beware…:)

 Emuk Jeongol @ Big Mama - A Fish Cake Hot Pot
Emuk Jeongol @ Big Mama – A Fish Cake Hot Pot

Remember the reddish dip above? It goes with the fish cake in this fish cake hot pot also known as Emuk Jeongol. We’re really glad that we were recommended this dish because it is a nice mild yet delicious soup that balances the strong tastes of the Dakgalbi. The servings of fish cake is really GENEROUS. We were thinking to ourselves “there’s still more fish cake?!” after eating so many pieces! There were 5 of us and we still left 1 piece standing. The texture of the fish cake is not the “do-ing” kind that we usually eat with our mee pok. It is chewy yet not jelat. Great dish.

Remember that the side dishes are refillable!!!

How to get to Big Mama Korean Restaurant at Kim Tian Road

Big Mama Korean Restaurant is located at 2 Kim Tian Road. Although it says “2”, it is actually the first restaurant along this street. There is a bus stop along Tiong Bahru road which you can take buses 5,16,33,63,123 and 195. It is also within walking distance from Tiong Bahru MRT.

Location of Big Mama Korean Restaurant – Close to the intersection of Tiong Bahru and Kim Tian Road

REMEMBER : To avoid disappointment, you MUST make reservations by calling 6270 7704. For dinners, there are 2 time slots, 6 to 8pm and 8 to 11pm (last order at 10pm). If you are in the 6 to 8pm time slot, you must leave at 8pm for the next wave of customers. Well, good food ought to be shared right?

Overall Comment : Food is definitely good and service was great on our first visit. During our 2nd visit, the staff seemed to be quite busy as the restaurant is almost always full. Oh, the smokey thingy as well. Otherwise, MUST GO!

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Big Mama Korean Restaurant Kim Tian Singapore
Big Mama Korean Restaurant Kim Tian Singapore

Did we mention that the side dishes at Big Mama Korean Restaurant, are refillable?

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