Capitola California: Mediterranean on the West Coast!

Did you know that besides having a Danish Village in California, the West Coast of USA also boasts of a small “Mediterranean” city? Capitola is its name and it attracts many locals to its beach right in the heart of the city!

Capitola City Beach
Capitola City Beach

What we did in Capitola California

1. Capitola Beach

Surfing Capitola California
Capitola Wharf
Capitola Wharf
Capitola Wharf Restaurant
Wharf Restaurant

Capitola Beach was the first place we headed to when we stopped over in Capitola. As it turns out, the beach is located right in the heart of the city, with restaurants, pubs and shops lining the streets nearby. Parking is not that easy to find, especially during weekends. These are also time-limited parking of 1 hour, 3 hours and 12 hours parking. The 12 hours parking is found further away from the beach but costs $0.50 per hour. The 3 hours parking costs $1.50 per hour but is much nearer to Capitola Beach.

The first thing we did at Capitola was to sit on a bench (just like a local) and watch surfers try to catch some waves. Apparently, the waves at Capitola are great for beginners. Gentle at regular intervals. We then proceeded to the other end of the beach where the “Mediterranean” buildings and Capitola Wharf are.

At Capitola Wharf, there is a restaurant and a bait shop which offers live worms for fishing. And of course, many people leisurely fishing along the wharf…

2. Chilling out in Capitola

Mr Toots Coffeehouse Margaritaville Capitola California
Mr Toots Coffeehouse Margaritaville Capitola California
Mr Toots Coffee House Capitola California
Mr Toots CoffeeHouse
Capitola Venetian Hotel
Capitola Venetian
Mr Toots Coffeehouse Coffee Cake
Coffee Cake

The “Mediterranean” structures belong to the Capitola Venetian Hotel. There are 2 great venues to catch the Capitola Venetian Hotel as shown in the picture above – Mr Toots Coffee House and Magaritaville. We chose Mr Toots Coffee because it was located on the second level and also because we would be driving off from Capitola (better not drink and drive or DUI, drinking under influence as they say in the US). The views of Capitola Venetian Hotel was indeeed beautiful from Mr Toots Coffee.

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We also enjoyed iced coffee with coffee cake (Mr Toots Coffee’s specialty) while enjoying the sunset and views of Capitola Venetian Hotel. If you have been to Capitola (or live in Capitola), let us know where’s your favourite hang out spot in our comments section below!

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