Cosmopolitan Hotel San Diego Old Town Review

Cosmopolitan Hotel San Diego was the hotel we wanted to visit since our last trip to San Diego a couple of months back. This was because of the history, beauty and location of the hotel, right in the heart of the San Diego Old Town.

Cosmopolitan Hotel San Diego Old Town
Cosmopolitan Hotel San Diego Old Town

About Cosmopolitan Hotel San Diego

Cosmopolitan San Diego was established in 1869 by Albert and Emily Seely. However, the original building was actually constructed much earlier – in 1827 by a young man called Juan Bandini. This meant that the hotel has seen the growth and evolution of San Diego over the last 200 years! Within the room, there were also anecdotes about history around San Diego that included coffee, tea and even a really old newspaper advertisement placed by Cosmopolitan Hotel.

Albert and Emily Seeley Built Cosmopolitan Hotel in 1869
Albert and Emily Seeley Built Cosmopolitan Hotel in 1869
Coffee Cosmopolitan Hotel San Diego
Tea Cosmopolitan Hotel San Diego
Advertisement Cosmopolitan Hotel San Diego

Room 2 Cosmopolitan Hotel San Diego

To even start describing the room that we stayed in Cosmopolitan Hotel San Diego, we have to start with an email that we received from the hotel a week before we arrived. The email said that room #9 (one of the 2 rooms we booked for both our parents and ourselves) had a plumbing issue and was not available. Hence, they offered another room at their partner hotel Marriott Courtyard.

However, there were 2 problems with this arrangement

Firstly, our parents had to stay at a separate hotel from us (regardless of which hotel we stayed in). This would mean inconvenience for arrangement of meals and movement in and out of our hotels.

Secondly, room #9 was the hotel that Kate had eyed on for the past few months.

So it was indeed unfortunate that we had to take up this arrangement. Nonetheless, the staff at Cosmopolitan were great in that they

– Arranged for complimentary appetizers at the Cosmopolitan Restaurant.
– Ensured that breakfast was included for the room at Marriott Courtyard. As there’s only a deli at Marriott Courtyard, breakfast was normally not included for rooms there. Hence, the arrangement was a kind gesture – well for the inconvenience.

Room #2 though was still special. Check out this video of the room and balcony area…

Room #2 Cosmopolitan Hotel San Diego Old Town
Room #2 Cosmopolitan Hotel San Diego Old Town
Interior Room #2 Cosmopolitan Hotel San Diego
Sink Room #2 Cosmopolitan Hotel San Diego
Toilet Room #2 Cosmopolitan Hotel San Diego

The room was beautifully designed and had an air of the Old West in it. No TVs and electrical sockets were camouflaged as part of the wall paper – so you’ll have to look carefully. The bathroom was huge and there was a nice touch of the wooden lid that added to the traditional feel. As for shower, it still has a modern aspect to it – rain shower. Got you worrying a little there, didn’t we?

The other part that we love about the room is the balcony right outside the rooms. They overlook the San Diego Old Town and provides guests a place to mingle with other guests, enjoy the view or simply enjoy the cool breeze in the morning.

Balcony of Cosmopolitan Hotel San Diego Old Town
Balcony of Cosmopolitan Hotel San Diego Old Town

Breakfast at Cosmopolitan Hotel San Diego

2bearbear Breakfast Cosmopolitan Hotel San Diego
Breakfast Spread Cosmopolitan Hotel San Diego
Bar Cosmopolitan Hotel San Diego

Although the spread didn’t look like much, it had all its bases covered. There was cereal, fruits, coffee, juices, milk and SCONES! There were actually several types of scones and we enjoyed all of them – firm outer layer but chewy on the inside. Yum!

After breakfast, you could wonder into the bar next door and take a look around. We stumbled upon an interest exhibit – the head of a notorious bandit! We didn’t lift the veil to see within but the words describing was rather interesting. Something along the lines of the head was verified to belong to bandit XYZ through the eye witnesses who had seen him in person. Wonder what happens if they had gotten the wrong guy? Hm…

Appetizers at Cosmopolitan Hotel & Restaurant San Diego

Happy Hour Cosmopolitan Hotel & Restaurant San Diego
Interior Cosmopolitan Hotel & Restaurant San Diego
Appetizers Cosmopolitan Hotel & Restaurant San Diego

At the first level of the hotel is the restaurant of the same name (ie Cosmopolitan Restaurant San Diego). That was where we were served the appetizers. These included the Ahi Lettuce Cups ($9.45), Rustico Bruschetta ($8.95) and the Kung Pao Calamari ($9.99). The calamari was our favourite – crispy on the outside and coated with the appetizing Kung Pao sauce. We also ordered Seafood Enchiladas ($16.95) along with some happy hour drinks ($5 each).

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Of course, the Cosmopolitan Hotel has easy access to Fiesta De Reyes (dining and shopping venue) as well as the shops in San Diego Old Town. Workers in the stores also wear traditional costumes to work which brings about the feel of the old town. Some characters also paint and play musical instruments like the banjo. While we were wandering around, we also stumbled upon a finger painting artist. As it was off-peak, he was selling his pieces for only $10 each and we watched him paint the intricate parts of the ship using his nails, in minutes!

If you have visited Cosmopolitan Hotel San Diego, tell us more in the comments section below!

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