Hot Pot City Milpitas Review!

During out recent visit to Capitola California, we decided to stop by Milpitas to try out Hot Pot City Milpitas!

Hot Pot City Milpitas Review
Hot Pot City Milpitas Review

What we had in Hot Pot City Milpitas

Buffet Spread Hot Pot City Milpitas
Buffet Spread
Meats and exotic cuts Hot Pot City Milpitas
Vegetables Hot Pot City Milpitas Review

Our first impression of Hot Pot City Milpitas when we entered was that its clean. For the price of $10.99 per person for lunch, we would have thought that the spread and standard would be low. The spread was actually quite decent. The great thing about eating at Hot Pot City Milpitas is that you can do both hot pot (steam boat) as well as grill. As for the soup base, you can choose from spicy, herbal or miso soup for $4.50 or have a combination of 2 soup bases for $6.50. We went for 2 soup bases and chose herbal and spicy during this visit.

Hot Pot and Grill at Hot Pot City Milpitas Review
Hot Pot and Grill at Hot Pot City Milpitas Review

Since there’s both hot pot and grill, therefore, for the meats, there are marinated and “shabu shabu” (thinly-sliced, non-marinated) pork, beef and chicken. As Hot Pot City Milpitas is a Taiwanese Hot Pot Buffet joint, you can also expect to find “exotic” parts such as pig’s stomach, intestines and even pig’s blood (which one Chinese lady was so excited to see!). There’s also a selection of vegetables. Love the lettuce that went really well with the grilled meats – think Korean BBQ 😉

Dessert and Drinks Hot Pot City Milpitas
Pork Chops Hot Pot City Milpitas
Pork Chops
Shaved Ice Hot Pot City Milpitas Review
Shaved Ice

Servers in the restaurant are actually from Taiwan, Taipei to be specific. That made the experience that much more authentic, especially when we started talking about all the things to do and attractions in Taipei Taiwan.

There are a few favourites during our lunch at Hot Pot City Milpitas. Firstly, the pork chops were awesome! As you can see from the photos, after they’re grilled and nicely golden brown (wonder whose the chef?), they’re tender and flavourful with good portions of fatty bits. We also enjoyed the dumplings where you can do pot stickers style or just boil them in the soup. Remember to take the ginger and vinegar (at the sauce bar) to go along with the dumplings!

For the price of the buffet, you’ll get to enjoy a selection of soft drinks, fruits as well as shaved ice! Known in Taiwan as 銼冰 (chua bing)! What we really loved about this version of shaved ice is that its DIY, meaning, you can place as much peanut, red bean and almond jelly as you want! Topped with condensed milk to get that authentic asian taste! Reminds us of ice kachang back home actually 😛

Hot Pot City Milpitas Prices, Address and Opening Hours

Address: 500 Barber Lane Milpitas, CA 95035

LUNCH (12:00PM – 3:30PM)

Monday – Friday : $10.99
Saturday, Sunday & Holiday : $16.99
Children under 4′ 3″ : $5.99
Children under 3′ 5″ : Free

DINNER (4:30PM – 10:00PM)

Monday – Thursday: $16.99
Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Holiday : $19.99
Children under 4′ 3″ : $7.99
Children under 3′ 5″ : Free


Monday – Thursday : CLOSE
Friday, Saturday & Sunday : $15.99
Children under 4′ 3″ : $5.99
Children under 3′ 5″ : Free


Spicy Soup Base : $4.50
Herbal Soup Base : $4.50
Miso Soup Base : $4.50

Combination of any 2 soup bases above : $6.50


Draft Beer : $4.50 per glass ; $15.00 per pitcher
Bud Light, Heineken, Kirin, Shock Top or Sierra Nevada

House Sake : $8.00 per serving
Sake can be served hot or cold

House Wine (California) : $4.50 per glass ; $12.00 per half liter ; $18.00 per liter
Merlot or Chardonnay

Opening Hours:

12:00pm – 3:30pm
4:30pm – 10:00pm

12:00pm – 3:30pm
4:30pm – 12:00am

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According to our server, if you visit during dinner timings, you’ll also be able to enjoy a selection of seafood (only fish slices for lunch) as well as small lamb ribs. If you have been to Hot Pot City Milpitas for dinners, let us know more in our comments section below!

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