Ippudo SG @ Westgate : Is it really as good as they say?

We’ve always been ramen lovers. Having been to Keisuke Tonkotsu King and Tonkotsu Kazan Ramen, we really wanted to find out if Ippudo’s ramen is as good as they say…

Akamaru Shinaji Ippudo SG Ramen
Akamaru Shinaji Ippudo SG Ramen

We ordered the Akamaru Shinaji Ramen ($16) which is Ippudo’s tonkotsu broth enhanced with special blended miso paste and frangrant garlic oil. If you order this version, you’ll also be able to taste the original broth (before you mix in the miso) and also the taste with the miso and garlic oil mixed in. So for $1 more, you’ll be able to taste both flavours 😉

In addition, you’re also able to choose the texture of the noodles, ranging from soft to hard.

Tsukune rice @ Ippudo SG
Tsukune rice @ Ippudo SG

We also tried the Tsukune rice with its minced pork patty. The ingredients were fresh and the flavours blended together with the sauces to give a refreshing touch.

The verdict?

The ramen at Ippudo is undeniably good. We slurped till the very last morsel of soup left that red traditional bowl. The noodles was slurp-a-licious as well. The special blended of miso for the Akamaru Shinaji Ramen also adds depth to the flavours of the already tasty and rich tonkotsu soup base.

Tasty but a little high on the pricing. Perhaps you’re paying that little bit more for a classy ambience. For the same price, we’d definitely visit Keisuke Tonkotsu King where the taste is slightly stronger with a larger portion.

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Let us know your thoughts about the ramen at Ippudo SG!

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