Knott’s Berry Farm: Amazing Rides and Shows (Snoopy!) at a more affordable price!

Although Disneyland Anaheim is an amazing theme park to visit, close by, there’s another theme park that caught our attention as well and that’s Knott’s Berry Farm – California’s Best Amusement Park!

Knott's Berry Farm or Knott's Scary Farm?
Knott’s Berry Farm or Knott’s Scary Farm?

About Knott’s Berry Farm

In fact, Knott’s Berry Farm did actually start out, well, as a farm! In the 1920s, Walter Knott and his wife, Cordelia, started selling berries, jams and pies from their berry farm. Along the way, a fried chicken farm ensued, which by the way, became really popular.

Knott's Berry Farm Jams still being sold today
Knott’s Berry Farm Jams still being sold today

So as a way to entertain people waiting in line for a taste of Knott’s Berry Farm’s Fried Chicken, attractions were built. The biggest attraction then was Ghost Town. Today, Ghost Town of Knott’s Berry Farm still retains some of the original structures that Walter Knott brought in from Prescott, Arizona…

Knott's Ghost Town
Knott’s Ghost Town

Of course, the “farm” grew and more attractions were added. Today, Knott’s Berry Farm is one of the best amusement park in all of California!

Knott’s Berry Farm Shows

Before we touch on the rides at Knott’s Berry Farm (the most exciting part of this post!), we’ll cover the shows that we saw at Knott’s Berry Farm…

Camp Snoopy Theatre

Camp Snoopy Theatre Knott's Berry Farm Charlie Brown and Friends
Camp Snoopy Theatre Knott’s Berry Farm Charlie Brown and Friends

For the little ones, there’s Camp Snoopy Theatre where you’ll be able to catch characters such as Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Lucy and friends singing, dancing and telling you all about their adventures!

Frontier Feats of Wonder! Stunt Show

Frontier Feats of Wonder! Stunt Show Knott's Berry Farm
Frontier Feats of Wonder! Stunt Show Knott’s Berry Farm

Frontier Feats of Wonder! Stunt Show is a tribute to the gun slinging wild wild west. With pyrotechnics a going, this show will definitely be a blast for the entire family!

Mystery Lodge

Mystery Lodge Knott's Berry Farm
Mystery Lodge Knott’s Berry Farm

Mystery Lodge is a show that pays tribute to the natives of the North American West. There’s an old story teller, a little magic here and there but more importantly a life’s journey to share…

Calico Saloon Can-Can Show

Calico Saloon Knott's Berry Farm
Calico Saloon Knott’s Berry Farm

Calico Saloon Can-Can Show is an unexpectedly fun show that involves the audience in a song-singing, piano-playing extravaganza! If your husband is attending the show, point at him when she’s looking for a man…

Knott’s Berry Farm Rides

Knott’s Berry Farm is not only famed for its berries, fried chicken and shows but also its rides! Tom braved some of these heart stopping rides just for you readers out there!


Xcelerator Kate Knott's Berry Farm
Xcelerator Kate Knott’s Berry Farm
Xcelerator Knott's Berry Farm
Xcelerator Knott’s Berry Farm

While queuing for the ride, the image above presented Tom with this phrase


Xcelerator accelerates up to 82mph (or 132km/h) that brings you vertically up and vertically down the tracks of this roller coaster ride. But if you survived this ride, we dare you to attempt…


Boomerang Knott's Berry Farm
Boomerang Knott’s Berry Farm

WARNING: DO NOT underestimate this ride. The ride takes you through 6 turns in under a minute, both forwards and backwards. Because the tight turns, you’ll probably be seeing stars right after this one. Probably why the ride is named “Boomerang”

Silver Bullet

Silver Bullet Knott's Berry Farm
Silver Bullet Knott’s Berry Farm

Silver Bullet is an inverted roller coaster where your legs will be hanging in the air as you go through drops of 109 ft (33 meters) in this 2 minute ride! Not as scary as the traditional roller coasters with steep drops, thrilling nonetheless.

Sierra Sidewinder

Sierra Sidewinder Knott's Berry Farm
Sierra Sidewinder Knott’s Berry Farm

Although it seems to pale in comparison to the height and speed of the previous roller coasters, Sierra Sidewinder adds an additional freedom of rotation (about its own axis). This means that you’ll never know whether you’ll be dropping down a steep descent forwards, backwards or as its name suggests…sideways!

Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider is probably the largest and longest roller coaster with wooden tracks in the world! The thing about roller coasters with wooden tracks is that it “creeks” throughout the ride, giving an added dimension of audible fear – if you know what we mean…

Hat Dance

Hat Dance Family Ride Knott's Berry Farm
Hat Dance Family Ride Knott’s Berry Farm

Took the Hat Dance with Kate which is suppose to be a “family friendly kids ride”. With 2 axis of spinning, the ride can be really dizzy. Do watch your step as you exit your cup!

Sky Cabin Knott's Berry Farm
Sky Cabin Knott’s Berry Farm
View from Sky Cabin Knott's Berry Farm
View from Sky Cabin Knott’s Berry Farm

For a bird’s eye view of the entire Knott’s Berry Farm, we recommend taking a ride up the Sky Cabin. Although the view outside of the park is nothing to shout about, it does give you a very good view (and picture opportunity) of the entire park!

While we also took time to do the Bigfoot Rapids, Butterfield Stagecoach Ride, Calico Railroad (watch out for the railroad robbers!) and Calico Mine Ride, we want to introduce you to the cookie ice cream sandwich at Knott’s Berry Farm!

Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich Knott's Berry Farm
Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich Knott’s Berry Farm

The cookie ice cream sandwich was so huge that it’s good for 2 to share! Also, while we were there, there’s a new soft serve flavour – Boysenberry. Why not try to ask the server to create the ice cream sandwich using the Boysenberry soft serve instead?

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Tip: Visit during an off peak period (preferably a week day) like we did and you’ll be able to visit all the shows and rides to your heart’s content!

Hope you’ve enjoyed our coverage! Tell us more about your visit to Knott’s Berry Farm in our comments section below!

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