Legoland Malaysia Land of Adventure : Are you Game for Adventure?

Legoland Malaysia has one of the coolest rides at Land of Adventure – Dino Island! In addition, kids can take part in laser shooting at Lost Kingdom Adventure or have a mini drop at Beatle Bounce.

Lost Kingdom Adventure

Legoland Malaysia Lost Kingdom Adventure
Lost Kingdom Adventure Legoland Malaysia

At Lost Kingdom Adventure, players sit in a carriage (max capacity of 4) and enters into a maze of treasures & adventure! Players will each have a laser gun and you are expected to aim and shoot at green or red jewels. Try to out shoot and out score each other in this adventure! We had a high score of 37500!

Dino Island

One of the more exciting rides in Legoland, Dino Island brings you on a boat ride seeing dinosaurs made out of Legos. You will then ascend up an “abandoned volcano” only to escape from it down a steep drop! You will get wet for this ride, so be prepared!

Legoland Malaysia Dino Island
Dino Island Legoland

Beatle Bounce

If you had been to the Giant Drop in Australia, this is the kids version of it. A mini drop. Kids will be taken up to a small height and dropped in small degrees. The process is repeated. The ride is mainly for kids, accompanying adult can only sit in the middle seat. For balancing purposes?

Legoland Malaysia Beatle Bounce
Beatle Bounce Legoland Malaysia

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Land of Adventure Dino Island Legoland
Land of Adventure Dino Island Legoland

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