Legoland Malaysia Lego City : Learn to Drive, Sail and Rescue!

Legoland Malaysia’s Lego City is yet another zone which kids will have lots of fun here at Legoland! Here kids can learn to drive, captain a boat and even put out “fires” at the Rescue Academy!

Legoland Malaysia Driving School

Legoland Malaysia Driving School
Driving School Legoland

Legoland Malaysia Another view of the Driving School
Another view of the Driving School

At the driving school, kids are divided into the Junior Driving School (Ages 3 to 5) as well as the Driving School (Ages 6 to 13). Here kids can not only learn to drive, learn the traffic rules but also get their very own Legoland license! Sorry, adults are not allowed on the vehicles!

Legoland Malaysia Boating School

At the boating school, kids can learn to control a boat on water, adults can also join in if they wish to.

Legoland Malaysia Boating School
Legoland Boating School

If you steer well, the lanes demarcated should be easy to navigate through. Otherwise, it may become “bumper cars” on water!

Legoland Malaysia Rescue Academy

At the rescue academy, teams can race against each other to put out “fires” at the other end of the academy. Teams must first pump the mechanical device on their rescue vehicles. When they reach their destination, they will alight and pump the water towards a building on “fire”. Once the Lego Fireman appears, return to the rescue vehicle and head back to base. The first team to return wins!

Legoland Malaysia Rescue Academy
Legoland Rescue Academy

Other Attractions at Lego City Legoland Malaysia

You can also hop on the Legoland Express, which is a train ride all around Legoland. Kids can also visit the Shipyard which is an outdoor playground.

Legoland Malaysia Legoland Express
Legoland Express

Legoland Malaysia The Shipyard
The Shipyard

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Lego City Legoland Express
Lego City Legoland Express

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