Legoland Malaysia Miniland : See Miniatures of World Famous Attractions!

Legoland Malaysia has a main attraction called Miniland! It shows intricately crafted lego sculptures of world renowned landmarks, all by piecing Lego bricks (that you and I know of) together!

World Famous Attractions at Miniland Legoland Malaysia!

At Legoland Malaysia Miniland, you will be able to find world famous attractions made into a exquisite work of art where visitors can enjoy and take photos with! Here are some of these amazing works of art…

Legoland Malaysia Kuala Lumpur with Petronas Towers in Miniland
Kuala Lumpur with Petronas Towers

Legoland Malaysia Another view of the Petronas Tower
Another view of the Petronas Tower

Legoland Malaysia Singapore River & Fullerton Hotel @ Miniland
Singapore River & Fullerton Hotel @ Miniland

Legoland Malaysia Great Wall of China @ Miniland
Great Wall of China @ Miniland

Besides these world renowned attractions, there are also themed displays such as the pirates and medieval castles!

Pirates & Castles
Pirates & Castles

Interactive displays at Legoland Malaysia Miniland

At the Miniland exhibition, you will also notice some ships moving and even trains moving in and out of train stations. These trains may even move from landmarks to landmarks! In addition, there may also be some interactive buttons for visitors to press. We recall pressing one of the buttons and “workers” on the tarmac began to lift a car and make a grunting sound! Another button at the Singapore section, changed the direction of the water that comes out of the Merlion, directing the water at where the button was!

Picture opportunities abound here and you will be amazed at how these little pieces of Lego can actually come together to form these realistic structures! The designers must have placed alot of time and effort to bring all these world attractions together!

We shall now leave you with a video of Legoland Malaysia Miniland! Enjoy!

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