Malaysia – Cameron Highlands, Kuala Lumpur

So we caught the overnight seater and arrived early on Saturday morning. It was about 5 am and the bus was already ascending the Cameron Highlands. At about 6:30am, we reached the town and were given the short break to have our breakfast. We had our usual fill (2nd time to Cameron) of Wan Ton noodles and hopped back to the bus where they took us to our hotel – Strawberry Park Hotel

Strawberry Park Hotel

I used to think that the Strawberry Park Hotel either grows strawberries or is very near a strawberry garden. Neither of which was there. However, it is a quaint hotel with french architecture. It really just offers tranquility and peace of mind when you enter the hotel.

The hotel seemed a little old on the outside. But as we entered the rooms, it offered a whole new perspective to us. The view from the balcony offered lush greenery while the entrance of our room had views of the highland.

The bed was big and comfy. The best part of it was that the bathroom was HUGE. The bathtub was located right in the middle with showers and toilet located behind. Facilities include a playground as well as an indoor heated pool. It was really clean and offered “country-club” like facilities at the bathrooms. The pool stared out at the garden and was a good place to chillax.

We quickly unpacked and headed out for our first stop – Ee Feng Bee Centre

Ee Feng Bee Centre

We joined a mini tour from our tour agency – Titiwangsa. The driver took us to Ee Feng Bee Centre and we were given free time ourselves to roam about. We were able to have up close view of the bees while the bees busied themselves with gathering of the pollen.

Butterfly Garden

The next stop was the butterfly garden. It was an interesting experience as it was the first time that I saw so many butterflies all in an enclosure. There were in fact so many of them that many were just crawling all over the floor. Be careful not to step on them! We also saw a koi feasting on one of them…ew…

Next, the guide at the butterfly garden took us to see some exotic insects. They included stick insects (really have to stare hard to locate them), lizards as well as scorpions! The pictures will show you the guide ‘playing’ with the scorpion and placing it on other tourists.

Strawberry Garden

There are several strawberry gardens in the highlands and the next stop was at one of them. There was a choice of picking strawberries with a given fee. Kate and I were not keen to eat that many strawberries, so we settled for a yummy strawberry milk shake and bought some jams as well. It was nice to observe the strawberry as well as its flowers in its natural form. The guide even teach you how to correctly pluck the strawberries.

Rose Centre

The Rose Centre should be biggest exhibit on show. There are so many kinds of flowers and cacti here. We spotted several unique flowers like the horse-shoe flower as well as the “butterfly” petals (you have to take 2 of it to form a butterfly)

Roses were blossoming prettily and the sunflowers were as large as the palm of my hand! We also climbed to the viewing point and had a spendid view of the city. Warning : The climb can be exhausting.


In the evening, we took a stroll down the hills to the town nearby to enjoy desserts at T-cafe (located above Marybrown). We ordered Tom Yam Bee Hoon and Claypot Kway Teow as mains. Apple juice and mango lassi as drinks. They were quite enjoyable, but what we were really after was the dessert. We ordered the chocolate cake which was rich and creamy, the apple pie that was how an apple pie should be, as well as the strawberry scone, a nice addition to the meal.

We went to the cab stand nearby and took a short ride back. Literally because the driver was a hell-rider who charged at every curve on the way back. We had to hold on to our seats as we swayed side to side. We were back within 4 minutes flat.


Breakfast at Strawberry Park Hotel was enjoyable. The chef made prata fresh on the spot. Each time he serves his lot, the guests would clear it. I had to order several in advance. They were crispy yet delectable. Together with the curry, it was a oh so awesome!

Kuala Lumpur City

We then proceeded for the next part of our trip to KL city. We stayed at the Swiss Garden Hotel and were presently surprised by its stylish contemporary deco. We ventured out to the city in the evening but encountered a short downpour. So we hid ourselves at Nando’s and had unlimited drinks with a spicy mango burger.

The rain subsided and we began shopping nearby. Soon it was time for dinner and we had claypot rice as well as some satay. Street hawker food is still the best!

The next day, we ventured out to KLCC and had an excellent view of the Petronas Towers (See slide show). There was also opportunity to shop at KLCC as well as the surroundings. We rounded off the evening with more hawker food such as popiah and char kway teow.

He says : I particularly enjoyed the fresh air of the highlands. It is so relaxing just to breathe in the fresh air and leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind. Views of the Petronas Towers were also magnificent up close.

She says: I love the cheap malaysian street food and the shopping!!!

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Petronas Tower Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

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