Monster Jam Salinas 2016: Monster Trucks Live!

Haven’t we all seen these huge monster trucks crushing or flying over other cars when we were young? Thanks to a good friend, we had the opportunity to catch these monster machines in action at Monster Jam Salinas 2016!

Flying Monster Trucks at Monster Jam 2016!
Flying Monster Trucks at Monster Jam 2016!

What to expect at Monster Jam Salinas: Monster Trucks!

Monster Jam Salinas 2016
Monster Jam Salinas 2016
Monster Jam Merchandise
Monster Jam Food Stalls
Food Stalls
Monster Jam Salinas Food Stalls
Chicken Skewers

Monster Jam is like a mini carnival! Although the show started at 2pm, the grounds at Salinas Sports Complex opened at 12pm. You will be able to grab your food, drinks and monster jam merchandise before the start of the show. Foods include barbecue, skewers, baked potatoes, dipping dots and even churros!

Monster Truck Competitions at Monster Jam Salinas 2016

There were 4 main monster truck competitions during Monster Jam Salinas 2016. Race, Wheelie, Donut and Freestyle…

Drivers of Monster Jam Salinas 2016
Drivers of Monster Jam Salinas 2016

Timed Race

During the timed race, 2 monster trucks would race against each other and the winner would proceed to the next round until the final winner was declared. The winner was Gas Monkey for the timed race for Monster Jam Salinas 2016!

There were 2 female drivers at the competition. Unfortunately, Wild Flower bowed out almost immediately when her race begun. Scooby Doo (the other female driver) on the other hand, put up an awesome fight against the boys out there! Scooby Dooby Doo!

Monster Jam Monster Trucks
Monster Trucks
Monster Jam Wildflower
Wildflower Bows Out
Gas Monkey Wins Timed Race Monster Jam Salinas 2016
Gas Monkey Wins


Wheelie as the name suggests is where the monster trucks would use the ramps to assist them to land on the back wheels. Thereafter, they would continue for as long as possible on only 2 wheels. The winner of the Wheelie competition during Monster Jam Salinas 2016 was Max D!

Besides the winner, one truck that stood out was Backwards Bob. He actually did all the competitions backwards! Meaning, he would reverse into the ramps, “hang” in the air and even drift backwards!

Max D Wheelie Winner Monster Jam Salinas 2016
Max D Wheelie Winner Monster Jam Salinas 2016
Monster Jam Backwards Bob Wheelie
Backwards Bob
Monster Jam Lucas Oil Wheelie
Lucas Oil
Scooby Doo Monster Jam Wheelie
Scooby Doo


The Donut competition involves the monster truck going round in circles and as a result of that manoeuvre produce a pattern in the sand, in the shape of a donut. For real! Check out these videos!


Freestyle was probably the highlight of Monster Jam Salinas 2016. Each monster truck would try their best to impress the judges by doing various tricks and stunts within a stipulated time. The winner? Max D who did an unbelievable save at the last minute to win the competition as the last driver! Probably the save of the year! And of course, perfect scores all round for this amazing freestyle routine!

Max D Freestyle Perfect Score Monster Jam Salinas 2016
Max D Freestyle Perfect Score Monster Jam Salinas 2016

Overturned Monster Trucks at Monster Jam Salinas 2016

There were so many overturns and movement by the cranes that we decided to dedicate a small section to the overturned monster trucks of Monster Jam Salinas 2016!

Monster Jam Wildflower
Monster Jam Gas Monkey
Gas Monkey
Monster Jam Time Flys
Time Flys

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An unforgettable experiences this. Remember to bring your ear plugs when you head on to your next Monster Jam show!

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