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Old Town Square Prague – History, Astrological Clock and more!

The Old Town Square is the old city centre of Prague. It was at the old town square that the cross roads of several long distance roads met. Hence at that time, the old town square of Prague was known throughout the world in the 11th century and was also a market place.

360 View of the Old Town Square in Prague

View of Old Town Square at night

Today, the old town square of Prague is home to an array of pubs and cafes as well as major attractions such as the Astronomical Clock, Church of our Lady Tyn as well as the St. Nicholas Protestant Church.

Astronomical Clock Old Town Square Prague
Astronomical Clock Old Town Square Prague

St. Nicholas Protestant Church
St. Nicholas Protestant Church Old Town Square Prague

Church of our Lady at Tyn Old Town Square Prague
Church of our Lady at Tyn Old Town Square Prague

If you observe carefully at the towers of the church, you will notice that one of the tower is actually “fatter” than the other tower. Our guide – Monika, joked that the architect was tipsy that night and drew out the wrong measurements. The fact is that the “fatter” tower actually represents Eve (pregnant) while the thinner tower represents Adam.

The Jan Hus statue is located right in the centre of the Old Town Square. It was erected on 6 July 1915 to mark the 500th anniversary of the reformer’s death.

You may also notice white crosses on the floor near to the astronomical clock. It represents the protestants that were executed during persecution.

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Crosses to represent protestants that were executed
Crosses to represent protestants that were executed

Also, if you notice carefully, you’ll see that the wall beside the Astrological Clock is actually partially “sectioned” off…

Wall that extended to St. Nicholas Church

This originally extended all the way to St. Nicholas Church. However, it was hit during WW2 and this is what remains of it today.

Another interesting fact about the Old Town Square is this building…

Building where Albert Einstein played violin

Referring to the blue and grey building, this was a place where Albert Einstein used to chill out when he was in Prague. He even played the violin there to show off! :)

There are actually so many things to do in Prague and especially in this Old Town Square, it is so full of rich history! Take time to discover them!

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Old Town Square Prague

Old Town Square Prague

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