Prague Castle – The most iconic architecture in Prague!

The most iconic architecture in Prague has got to be the Prague Castle. Every corner you turn to, there it is – The Prague Castle!

Prague Castle is the largest ancient castle in the world at approximately 600m long and 150m wide. It is also where the kings, emperors and presidents of the Czech Republic used to have their offices. Given its excellent views overlooking Prague, it is no wonder that the Prague Castle is the most visited tourist attraction in Prague.

It is important to note the difference between St. Vitus Cathedral and the Prague Castle itself. Many people mistake the pointed structure from afar as the Prague Castle…

Prague Castle? Or St. Vitus Cathedral?
Prague Castle? Or St. Vitus Cathedral?

Technically, St. Vitus Cathedral is part of the Prague Castle and this is the entrance to the castle.

Entrance to Prague Castle
Entrance to Prague Castle

Videos of the first to third courtyards of the Prague Castle

First Courtyard inside Prague Castle

Second Courtyard , President’s Office in Prague Castle

Third Courtyard in Prague Castle featuring St. Vitus Cathedral

St. Vitus Cathedral

St. Vitus Cathedral Prague Castle
St. Vitus Cathedral Prague Castle

Video of St. Vitus Cathedral Prague Castle

The structure on the right is the St. Vitus Cathedral. We’re actually taking a picture of the private linkway where the king would enter into the balcony for service – without being uninterrupted.

St. Vitus Cathedral is the largest church in the country and it contains many smaller chapels and works of art – including the stained glass windows of the church. There is a little known fact about the roof of the St. Vitus Cathedral. It is said that a portion of the roof was hit by lightning before and it was thereafter restored. However, if you take a closer look, you would see that part of the roof no longer contains the gothic design like the rest of the cathedral, but more of a baroque architecture (do correct us if we’re wrong here!).

Golden Lane

Golden Lane Prague Castle
Golden Lane Prague Castle

Golden Lane is a series of small colourful shops that used to be the housing for the palace guards. Today, it is a tourist attraction for guests to see how small and amusing the interiors can be! A little tip for our readers : you can actually enter Golden Lane for free. Just hang around till the closing hours (1800 during the summer months and 1600 during the winter months) and you get to go in for free! Make sure you enter just after the closing hours to have a glimpse inside the houses while the shop keepers are still around!

Other Attractions in Prague Castle

The other attractions in Prague Castle includes

St. George's Basilica Prague Castle
St. George’s Basilica Prague Castle

Notice the thin and fat structure of the Basilica (click here to find out why). Also, you will notice that in this square (of the Basilica), you can find different era of architectures including renaissance, gothic, baroque as well as art noveau!

Spectacular Views from Prague Castle
Spectacular Views from Prague Castle

Amazing View of Prague from Prague Castle

Not only can you enjoy spectacular views overlooking Prague, you can also see the hourly change of guards of the Prague Castle!

Change of Guards @ Prague Castle

Last Words

There are actually many many more things about the Prague Castle that you can find out about. For instance, did you know that this old castle was actually a inner room for jousting competitions?

Old Palace for jousting
Old Palace for jousting

If you have other interesting stories, do share it with us!

How to get there to Prague Castle

By Foot

There are actually 2 ways to walk up to Prague Castle by foot. You can either follow the old castle stairway from Malostranska Metro Station OR commence from Lesser Town via Nerudova Street (which is a steeper but more enjoyable walk)

By Tram

Take either the 22 or 23 up to the hill and alight at Prazsky Hrad (which is Prague Castle)

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Prague Castle
Prague Castle

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