Review of “Slice – The Pizza Reform”

Slice - The Pizza Reform
Kate and I stumbled upon a new chain of fast food named “Slice”. As the name suggests (and shown on the take away counter), the restaurant serves slices of pizza.

The concept is that pizzas are served in slices which allows customers the flexibility of choice in choosing their favourite flavours, in contrast to the more traditional pizza restaurants where you’ll have to order a whole round pizza.


The restaurant has a trendy feel to it and features many revolutionary figures such as Ghandi and this famous “We want you” poster from WW2

Slice Poster
Slice Poster

Other than that, it resembles most fast food restaurants which is the part that stands out. It resembles a fast food restaurant yet serving “slow food” such as pizzas.

Counter of Slice (Poor shot because of lousy camera - Any sponsors?)
Counter of Slice (Poor shot because of lousy camera – Any sponsors?)


Kate and I ordered 3 items off the menu (all 3 items were chef’s recommendations). The Cheese Steak…

Cheese Steak
Cheese Steak

The Cheese Steak (cant remember it’s actual name) is rich in mushroom and the beef has the traditional American beef taste that we enjoyed.

The Avocado Chicken…

Avocado Chicken
Avocado Chicken

The Avocado was really fresh and had a tangy taste to it. It complimented the chicken and cheese really well to produce a good mix of flavours.

The Yummy Gummy Milkshake…

Yummy Gummy Milkshake
Yummy Gummy Milkshake

The yummy gummy was quite original in that real gummy bears were blended into the milkshake (“ouch” for the gummies) and produced a interesting blend of vanilla with sweetness, chewy”ness” and fruity”ness”.


Overall, the pizzas did not disappoint. The portions were big and were priced competitively. We missed out on the soups because they were sold out. The only complaint was that the milkshake could be richer in taste.

Otherwise, the overall experience was great. Definitely a good place to hang out with friends over a great meal.

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