Royal Caribbean Cruise – 8D7N Semarang, Bali (Kuta Nusa Dua), Lombok onboard Legend of the Seas

Arty Shot of Royal Caribbean Cruise

Ah…Cruise Again!

If you have read our last post on the joys of cruising (click here) you would understand why Kate and I really enjoy cruises.

However, we’ve got to say that this Royal Caribbean Cruise was one of the best cruises we’ve ever had because

1. 8D7N for $750 per person is a steal! This translates to only slightly more than a $100 bucks a night! This kind of cheap deal usually occurs in two types of situations. The first one is the establishment of a new route (which was the case for this cruise). The second is when the ship leaves a port AND DOES NOT return to the same port. This is to say you will cruise to another port (likely a different country) and you will have to make your own way back home.

There is actually a 3rd case. This occurs when they have some collaboration with some websites and you happen to stumble upon it. One of our newly minted friends onboard told us that they got a suite (A SUITE!) for about $1000 per person over the same period through a website offer. The deal was apparently snapped up very quickly.

2. Food. We are not exaggerating when we say that the food was EXCELLENT! The fine dining restaurant (Romeo and Juliet) was one of the highlights of the cruise. Each night we would anticipate the display of its menu and choose the dish that we want! It was something to look forward each night because

a. Service. You would be pampered by waiters and waitresses who will remember your names after the first night! They would remember your preferences such as whether you would like cold/hot water, pepper or not in your soup etc…

b. Presentation. The food would be very well presented! If it was a bisque, you would find a little artistic touch (like latte art) at the top. Likewise for the desserts, the plate would be decorated with fruits, chocolates, sauce etc.

c. Taste. The food we must say is of international standards! Not only would there be creativity in the types of food (fusion, western, asian), the tastes was mostly unforgettable!

d. Unlimited servings! This means you can try ALL the mains and ALL the desserts for the night!

Some examples of the wonderful food we’ve had…
Tiger Prawns
Lamb Shank
Pulled Pork Burger

The various desserts…

The Royal Caribbean Cruise Experience

In order not to lugi (to lose out on), you should always board your cruise at lunch time (around 12pm) to enjoy your first meal onboard!

Then spend some time to check out the whole cruise ship!
The Windjammer Cafe
Our room
Dressing room and Satellite TV (with programmes even out at sea)
Nice Clean Toilet!
The Rock Climbing Wall></a><br />
The Swimming Pool</p>
Mini Golf!

As mentioned in the star cruise post , it is always wise to wake up early to take in the breeze and the sunrise…

It was refreshing to see guests take on the challenge and scale the wall onboard the Royal Caribbean Cruise. Some of the ladies made it seem easy. However, it is perfectly safe as the guides are on standby to assist you on your way up and down. Hence, only 2 can ascend/descend at a time. The wait is quite fast though, give it a try if you feel like challenging yourself onboard the cruise!
Climber Gearing up
Scaling the wall

Semarang , Indonesia

We were there on a Sunday and it was nice to see the locals enjoying themselves at the markets and ‘central park’
View of the ship alongside in Semarang
The fair at ‘central park’
Locals and Tourists alike enjoying the markets
Fried Rice…
With Avocado Drink

It is worthy to note at this point that Kate and I usually dont join the organised tours at the ports because of the steep price and also because we prefer to travel by own and enjoy the freedom of going where we want to go. Hence, when you reach a port, do note that you can always choose to take a ride provided by RCC to a popular local area for a small fee and you can travel on your own from there.

Towel Art

Each night, we would be surprised by the Towel Art carefully created and left behind by our room service staff. There was also a Towel Art class that taught guests how to create them. Some examples…
The Swan
Made by us…rabbit or elephant…you decide!

Kuta – Bali, Indonesia

We reached Bali at night and had an overnight stay in the port. Kate and I took the night out and enjoyed the streets of Kuta (Kuta Beach) and chilled out at a pub while listening to the live band.
Legend of the Seas from a distance
Shopping Street – Kuta
Live Band at Tequila Bar

Nusa Dua – Bali, Indonesia

Nusa Dua is a beach bum’s paradise with pristine beaches and five star hotels lining these beaches. Some of these beaches can be quite private and cater only to guests of the hotel. Like most beaches, there are many water activities such as banana boat, skiing and paragliding available.

The beaches…
Deck Chairs for rent
Part of the hotel
Legend of the Seas in the day
Artistic Shot

Lombok Indonesia

Lombok is a laid back little town where things pretty much remained in the 60s and 70s. However, with modernisation and an upcoming airport, this looks set to change. There is currently just a shopping centre in the middle of town. Hope the rest of its local flavour would remain…
As we approached Lombok
Greetings from the locals (with music and dance)
The only shopping centre and only McDonald’s here
The local markets
Salted / preserved fish
Riding the Chi-Domo (pony) to the pearl factory

As we alighted at the main shopping mall, a local who spoke a little bit of English, offered to take us around. So we joined another couple on this escapade. He took us to markets first where we were shown the local foods and sweets.

Next we headed to see the local sarong and the different designs they had. We also took the chi-domo (pony) to the pearl centre. There we were shown the various salt and fresh water pearls. Salt water pearls are usually more expensive and their natural colours are less. The ‘scar’ on the salt water pearl is also usually smaller than that of the fresh water pearls.
Boat transfer from the ship to the shore

Belly Flop Competition

The other highlight of the cruise was the belly flop competition. This is where competitors seek to have the biggest splash by spreading their body squarely as they enter the water. The crowd would then judge by flashing their fingers. Here are the highlights
The competitors
Close up of the competitors
The slimmest of the competitors making a big splash!
The eventual winner…you can see why…(imagine what happened next)


We were captivated by the world-reowned American pianist who spent some time in China, teaching the locals. Then there were dance performance by the RCC in-house performaners.

The waiters and waitresses even sang us a closing song on our last night. It was really memorable.
In-house performance
Song Presentation by the F&B Staff


All in all, this was one of the most memorable cruises. If you are considering a cruise, we would recommend the Royal Caribbean Cruise for its excellent service and food.

He says: Fun times always end so quickly! The 8 days away really relaxed me completely. Needless to say, I enjoyed the fine dining experience!

She says : Ah…cruise… 🙂

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Highlights of the Cruise

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    • Hi Lim,

      You can browse around at the RCC website. Usually, the trick is to

      1. Book early. The cruise prices usually increases as the date approaches the cruise departure date.
      2. Look for longer duration cruises. Longe cruises 7 nights and up, usually lower the price per night to $100ish.
      3. Look for fly cruises. One way cruises are usually cheaper because it doesn’t offer a return back to the port of departure. This happens when the ship needs to relocate its home port, say from south east asia to north asia. That said, with Singapore as a hub for budget airlines, fly cruises are now really a tangible options especially.

      Hope this helps!


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