Secret to Enjoying Hong Kong Cafes…

There is one really simple secret in enjoying Hong Kong Cafes otherwise known as Char Chan Tengs in Hong Kong. If you take a look at this menu…

Menu of Hai Xing Congee Shop
Menu of Hai Xing Congee Shop

You will notice that this particular shop is called Hai Xing Porridge Shop. It means that although it serves staples like toast and milk tea for breakfast, its signature is porridge! We ordered the boatsman congee and it was one of the best congee we’ve ever eaten!

 Boatsman Congee Hong Kong Cafe
Boatsman Congee Hong Kong Cafe

Legend has it that in the past, to make a quick meal, fishermen or boatsman would throw rice and everything else they could find into a pot and let it simmer. The result is an enjoyable bowl of boatsman congee. This version has century eggs, pork, pork stomach, chicken, tendon, squid along with a really enjoyable milky taste!

We also had fried dough (you tiao), soyabean milk as well as a peanut butter toast…

 Fried dough that remained crispy after dipping into soyabean milk - 11 HKD
Fried dough that remained crispy after dipping into soyabean milk – 11 HKD

 Peanut butter and condensed milk toast - 11 HKD
Peanut butter and condensed milk toast – 11 HKD

Secret to Enjoying Hong Kong Cafe
Secret to Enjoying Hong Kong Cafe

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There are actually many Hong Kong Cafes with different specialties such as wanton noodles, beef noodles, milk tea and also congee.

So the secret is out, to enjoy the best of Hong Kong Cafes, note what is their specialty and order it. That way, each meal at a Hong Kong Cafe will be thoroughly enjoyed! Read also our post on “What a typical Hong Kong Cafe is like” for a better understanding of the HK Cafe culture!

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