The Best of the Best: The Top 4 Restaurants in Singapore

The Best of the Best: The Top 4 Restaurants in Singapore
The Best of the Best: The Top 4 Restaurants in Singapore

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Ever since it was founded in 2000, travel and recommendation website TripAdvisor has been helping globetrotters around the world find the best destinations, hotels and restaurants. As of writing this piece, there have been over five million reviews and opinions posted on the site, there are 415 million monthly unique users on average and seven million accommodations, restaurants and attractions with profiles. Needless to say, TripAdvisor is a trusted authority when it comes to recommendations, so we were interested in which fine dining establishments they recommend for Singapore. Let’s take a look:

Alma by Juan Amador

Located in the Goodwood Park Hotel, Alma by Juan Amador offers customers a fine dining experience unlike any other. The restaurant was founded by Swabian of Spanish decent Juan Amador, one of the best chefs in the world with three Michelin stars to his name. Amador was joined by executive chef Haikal Johari, who spent much of his early career helping to establish the incredibly popular Water Library restaurants of Thailand. Together, Amador and Johari combine Spanish temperament and German precision with Asian flavours to offer customers some of the most interesting meals in the world.

Fratini La Trattoria

Quaint and private are the perfect words to describe Fratini La Trattoria. Situated on Greenwood Avenue, this restaurant aims to make you feel at home while you relax with a glass of prosecco and indulge in some expertly crafted dishes. Their team of dedicated chefs have a diverse wealth of specialities and strengths, though they have come together to create the some of the most unique Italian dishes in all of Singapore. So unique in fact that the restaurant doesn’t have a menu, they prefer to cook you a meal you know you’ll love made of in-season ingredients.


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Within The Ritz-Carlto, Millenia, there is Colony. Singapore offers visitors a rich and varied number of cuisines, and nowhere is this represented better than at this restaurant. Every one of Singapore’s most traditional dishes is served at Colony, whether guests are there for breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon tea or dinner. There’s also an onsite bakery where fresh bread, confectionaries, gourmet chocolate and sharing platters are all available. Eating guests are encouraged to enjoy the British-colonial setting with seven conservatory kitchens, which will no doubt create an even more authentic experience.


Considering how new this restaurant is in comparison to the other establishments we’ve mentioned, it is remarkable how much of a reputation Rhubarb has managed to create. Opened by chef Paul Longworth, restaurant manager Jerome Desfonds and Au Petit Salut, this French restaurant offers many of the same favourites you know, such as those listed by Deliveroo, but with an elegant twist. Situated on Duxton Hill, Rhubarb has just seven tables, ensuring that guests are truly taken care of. Dishes are impeccably crafted and tailored to each customer’s taste so you can ensure you’ll love every mouthful.
Have you ever had the pleasure of dining at these leading establishments? Let us know in the comments below and don’t hesitate to recommend your favourite dish.

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