The Origin of the Original Buffalo Wings – Anchor Bar Buffalo New York

Ever wondered what is the origin of the world famous buffalo wings?

On our trip to the Niagara Falls, Kate and I thought that since we’re so close to Buffalo city, perhaps we could taste the world renowned buffalo wings?

So a quick check on google led us to Anchor Bar on Main Street…

Mdm Teressa Bellissimo credited to have created the buffalo wings
Mdm Teressa Bellissimo credited to have created the buffalo wings

Legend has it that one day the son of Mdm Teressa Bellissimo (who created the world renowned buffalo wings) returned one day with his friends. In order to feed her hungry guests, she deep fried some wings (in those days, in the 60s, wings were meant for the broth of soups) and covered them in a special sauce and served them with a cheese dip. Voila! The buffalo wings was born!

Legend of the buffalo wings below Mdm Teressa's statue
Legend of the buffalo wings below Mdm Teressa’s statue

Kate and I keyed in the address into our GPS and headed over to Anchor Bar. We were there earlier than our usual dinner time in order to avoid the peak hour crowd. However, there was already a queue for dinner at about 6pm!

We parked our car (glad we came early, when we left, there were no lots left!) and took some time to look at the menu and placed our order. It took us about 20 minutes before we could get in!

We ordered the buffalo wings and seafood supreme with a couple of drinks. By the time we were seated down, it did not take that long for the food to arrive.

Yummy Seafood Supreme Pasta
Yummy Seafood Supreme Pasta $17 USD

You know we always give our honest to goodness reviews to our readers so that they get the most informative source right from

However, this time, we have got to say that the buffalo wings were a let down. The wings were overly fried and completely lost its moisture. The meat was tough and to be honest, this was one of the worst wings that we’ve tasted. The steep price (almost $1.20USD per mid wing) did not help as well. The sauce and dip did help somewhat but the meat itself was beyond salvage.

2 things came to rescue our night though;

1. The Seafood Supreme pasta was surprisingly good! The creamy sauce left one craving for more. The shrimp was also a highlight of this dish. It was really fresh and succulent! Although the serving was a huge one, Kate and I wiped it clean to the bowl!

2. There was live jazz music that set the mood for the evening. We remembered a young musician joining the team for the first time that evening and he played mightily well. Everyone in the audience cheered him on and that made the night really memorable.

We think that the buffalo wings must have been good before, perhaps given the crowd, the wings were fried in bulk and in advance. Hence, the poor texture.

When you’re in buffalo, give it a try though. If you experienced the lousier version, at least you could boast and say that you have tasted the original buffalo wings at Anchor Bar, Buffalo, New York!

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Original Buffalo Wings
Original Buffalo Wings

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  1. Interesting blog regarding Anchor’s Bar in Buffalo…..
    really wanted to find out history of the WINGS.
    Mabuhay from Manila !!!!!

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