Top Things to do in Madrid – Spain Travels Day 1!

There are so many things to do and attractions in Madrid, Spain! In fact, after our Wamos flight from Cancun to Madrid, we checked into our hotel – NH Atocha Hotel and headed to our first attraction, Museo Del Prado!

NH Atocha Hotel Madrid
NH Atocha Hotel Madrid

Things to do in Madrid – Museo Del Prado

Museo Del Prado Free Admission
Museo Del Prado Free Admission

Thanks to Kate’s amazing research (she’s an awesome googler by the way), we found out that there’s free admission to Museo Del Prado on the following days

From Monday to Saturday
6pm – 8pm
Sundays and holidays
5pm – 7pm

Unfortunately, photography is not allowed inside. The Museo Del Prado reflects the collecting tastes of 16th and 17th century monarchs and consists of sculptures and paintings. Some of these paintings were HUGE!

After checking out the museum, we headed towards Santa Ana Square

Along the way, we were looking out for restaurants to have dinner at. Since it was Spain, there were many joints that have paella on their menu. But none of these caught Kate’s eyes, except…

Where to eat in Madrid – Casa Alberto

Casa Alberto Restaurant Madrid
Casa Alberto Restaurant Madrid

The exterior of Casa Alberto looked really authentic and traditional. It didn’t look too busy on the outside but once the doors were opened, laughter and voices from the crowd could be heard distinctly. Hence, we decided to check it out…

Casa Alberto Madrid Bar & Tapas
Bar & Tapas
Casa Alberto Madrid Oxtail Stew
Oxtail Stew
Casa Alberto Madrid Gilled Cod Mushroom Risotto
Grilled Cod w Risotto

As expected, the restaurant was full and we were requested to have drinks at the bar while we waited. We decided to try the Mahou (pronounced as “Mou”) on tap for 3.5 Euros. Expensive for a small portion but it certainly tasted great off the tap and it even came with complimentary tapas. For the first round of drinks, we had a couple of chicken drumlets while the next round of drinks came with pork rind!

After enjoying the drinks and taking in the feel of the restaurant (which by the way is almost 190 years old), we were shown to our seats. This time, we had the oxtail stew and grilled cod with risotto. Both were amazing! The oxtail stew was off-the-bone tender and had the stew infused into the meat. The grilled cod was probably one of the freshest cod we’ve ever tasted. Each portion of the meat came off cleanly and easily, complete with a fresh firm bite to taste. A satisfying meal indeed.

After a short walk back to our hotel, NH Atocha, we turned in early and rested for our 2nd day in Madrid

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We hope you have enjoyed our coverage of the things to do and places to eat in Madrid. Check out day 2 of our trip to Madrid next week!

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