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Traffic Jams in Melaka : How bad is it really?

Many people have talked to us about how bad traffic jams in Melaka can really be. Usually, the single road traffic as well as the peak hours/weekends are mentioned in the same breath.

But how bad is the traffic jam in Melaka really?

This video, taken from our room @ Hotel Equatorial Melaka can testify to the ridiculous traffic in Melaka…

Traffic Jam in Melaka

It is not a myth! Horrendous traffic jams in Melaka is true!!

The road leading from left to right is actually going into a carpark beside the Dataran Pahlawan shopping mall. However, from the crawling speeds of the cars, you can even feel the frustrations of those drivers.

Well, it’s hard to blame tourists and foodies alike for visiting Melaka. There are so many attractions here in Melaka and the local food is yummylicious.

So when you are visiting Malacca the next time round, remember to factor in the bad traffic jams!

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Traffic Jam in Melaka

Traffic Jam in Melaka

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