Travel Tips When Travelling in Sri Lanka

Travel Tips When Travelling in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a fairly safe country to visit. The people are generally friendly and helpful. Most locals at tourist atrractions do speak English. And at some attractions, you can pay S$5 -10 for the guides to explain to you the history of the place.

Some other tips include:

See a doctor 4 weeks before your travel date to get a prescription for malaria pills.

Buy a local SIM card at the airport to call/text back home or to use the internet. You will need to register with your passport. A normal SIM card is 175 rupees and a microSIM card is 400 rupees. For data usage, 1MB cost 1 rupee. Watsapp is one of the cheapest way to stay in touch with family and friends. Or if you prefer, switch off your mobile phone and enjoy the nature! 🙂

Check with the hotel which currency they accept for payment, and make sure they do not double convert the rates.

Ask for early check-in or late check-out. Most small hotels are flexible.

Find out where the locals eat. The food is delicious and is much cheaper than touristy places.

Check with the tuk tuk driver if he uses a meter.

Pack a light colour top that covers your shoulders, and long skirt/pants if you intend to visit the temples

Keep some small change with you to pay the caretaker who looks after your shoes when you enter the temple.

Make sure you have the right travel adaptor. Some multi travel adaptor do not have the one for Sri Lanka (3 circles), so bring along a pencil. It is very useful.

Go where the locals go for their ayurvedic massage. It is one third the price of what they charge tourists. But let me warn you first, it is VERY oily.

Bring mosquito repellent! Especially if you are like me – I tend to attract mosquitoes:(

Wear comfortable walking shoes.

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Enjoy your Sri Lanka holiday! 🙂

Travel Tips Sri Lanka
Travel Tips Sri Lanka

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