What is Disc Golf and will it pick up in Singapore?

From time to time, we see interesting things during our travels around the world. This time, we got to see a new game called Disc Golf. Disc Golf (also known to some as Frisbee Golf) is a new game that combines the game of frisbee with golf! Essentially, you’ll have to throw the frisbee towards one of these baskets

Baskets used to catch the discs in Disc Golf
Baskets used to catch the discs in Disc Golf

in the fewest number of throws. Just like golf, you’ll “tee off” from a spot and aim to reach the basket in as few throws (or strokes in golf) as possible. The distance of a typical golf course is much shorter than a typical golf course. This picture describes approximately how big a typical disc golf course is…

Typical Disc Golf Course
Typical Disc Golf Course

Like golf, there are different discs for achieving different distances. In general, a lighter disc gives you more distance but poorer control while a heavier disc gives you better control while achieving a shorter distance. Yup, it also means that a “putter disc” is usually the heaviest disc used.

To sum it all up, we have created a video to describe what Disc Golf (or Frisbee Golf) is all about…Enjoy!

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Given the love of Ultimate Frisbee in Singapore, Disc Golf could possibly gain traction in Singapore as well!

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