Afterthoughts on Fatty Cheong’s Roast Pork, Roast Duck and Char Siew @ ABC Brickworks Market and Food Centre

After watching Fatty Cheong’s roast duck, roast pork and char siew on meat and greed, Kate and I finally decided to give it a try to see if it was really worth all the hype. There’s no pictures taken this time round as there are already tonnes of these pictures on all other foodie sites.

Fatty Cheong is located at ABC Brickworks Market and Food Centre (along Jalan Bukit Merah). Fatty Cheong itself is located opposite KFC beside a small bakery within the food centre. It is really quite hard to miss the long queue. Kate and I waited for half an hour before it was our turn! So without further ado, we shall go through these 3 foods that are recommended at Fatty Cheong, in order of preference…

Roast Duck at Fatty Cheong aka 烧鸭

We ranked the roast duck right up there because the taste was really impeccable! It was once said that Fatty Cheong himself worked at a hotel before (do correct us if we’re wrong) and that was where he picked up his skills in meat roasting.

Back to the duck, the roasted duck at Fatty Cheong can easily be placed in the realms of roasted ducks served in hotels and chinese restaurants (See Peking Duck @ Prima Tower). This is because of the flavourful taste of the duck and not to mention THE CRISPY SKIN!! Taken together, the skin and the meat compliment each other to perfection. Hear the crispy skin crackle in your mouth while the flavours of the meat bursts forth. Yum!

Char Siew at Fatty Cheong aka 叉烧

The 不见天 (direct translation : no see sky) portion of the meat is used for the char siew at Fatty Cheong. The reason why the portion of the pork is called 不见天 is simply because this is the portion at the belly of the pig and literally does not see the sky. This portion is said to be the creme de la creme for char siew roasting because of the bits of fat that makes the char siew oh so flavourful and tender.

This is the disclaimer part. We were served with the portion of the char siew without much fatty parts. This made the overall texture a little on the tough side. This could be why we’re placing it after the roast duck eventhough many have raved about the char siew at Fatty Cheong.

Well, we must say that the sauce used was one of the best we’ve tasted. It was not too artificially sweetened and really brought out the taste of the char siew. The colour was also enticing as compared to some that are too orangy and does not appeal to the palates.

The moral of the story is this – Always ask for the portion with some fatty bits for your char siew!

Roast Pork at Fatty Cheong aka 烧肉

Coming in 3rd does not mean that the roast pork at Fatty Cheong is not good. It is just that relative to the roast duck and char siew, the roast pork did have its downside. The skin of course was crispy but the meat itself was very thinly sliced. In addition, we felt that the taste was a little bit salty.

Overall, it was a good roast pork, no doubt about that. If the cut was a little bit thicker, it would definitely have been much better!

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Fatty Cheong ABC Brickworks Market and Food Centre
Fatty Cheong ABC Brickworks Market and Food Centre

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  1. Alamak! Author, your facts wrong lah!
    The 不见天 (direct translation : no see sky) is NOT the belly, it is the meat at the armpits. Therefore, it does not ‘see the sky’.

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