Catching LA Lakers vs Sacramento Kings LIVE at the Sleep Train Arena!

The feeling’s surreal. Finally being able to watch an NBA match live, catching Kobe Bryant in action no less. For those who are not in the know, Kobe is one of the top NBA players of all time (Jordan is of course still the best!) but watching him in action today was sad. Here’s why…

Kobe misses an open break

A couple of years back, Kobe would have ended that fast break with a perfect slam dunk. But today, he missed several open shots and many 3-pointers. Guess his time is pretty much over and that’s the sad part of watching a legend lose his magic.

Well, besides that, the overall experience was PERFECT! Here’s why

1. National anthem before the start of an NBA match

The star spangled banner sung by Montell Jordan
The star spangled banner sung by Montell Jordan

Wonder if basketball matches in Singapore would ever start with Majulah Singapura?

2. How NBA players are introduced before the start of matches

Fireworks for the Kings players
Fireworks for the Kings players

Introduction of Kings players, with fireworks! Talk about a grand entrance!

3. Distracting players during a free throw

Kobe free throw
Kobe free throw

Balloons are distributed to spectators behind the rim to distract players! Home team spectators are strategically placed and handed these balloons. They would then wave them in the air, forming some kind of mazy pattern that would distract the players. Of course, Kobe sank the shots!

4. NBA Halftime Shows

Halftime show by Montell Jordan

Halftime shows are always a highlight for American sports. NBA halftime shows always takes it up a notch. In this video, Montell Jordan does a rendition of “This is how we do it” changing some lyrics like “Sacramento does it like nobody does” (since it’s King’s home game)

5. NBA Cheerleaders

Cheerleaders of Sacramento Kings in action

Besides the well-choreographed dance moves, we particularly enjoyed watching the Kings mascot! He was able to roller-blade, dance, do acrobatic moves, humour the audience and even sank a shot from half court! Things mascot have to do nowadays to get the job!

Like the ice hockey match at Portland Winterhawks we saw the the kiss cam in action. What happens is that, when the kiss cam lands on you and your partner, you’re supposed to kiss for the camera. However, there was this couple during the match that did not want to kiss and the camera stuck on them for a good 10 seconds. Afterwards, the kiss cam landed back on them again and the GUY relented and they eventually kissed! That was quite hilarious!

Overall, the match was exciting and high-scoring…

Final score 132 vs 114
Final score 132 vs 114

Although the Lakers lost (sadly), it was still an experience cheering for the underdogs and watching so many baskets made.

Have you watched an NBA match live? Tell us about it in the comments section below.

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