Filipino Breakfast at Alberto’s Pizza Cebu!

Wakie wakie! Time to eat breakie! :)

The sun rises fairly early in Cebu and we were up by 6am. After washing up, we strolled around the neighbourhood to look for breakfast. We wanted something local but weren’t sure what to eat. Not far from Castle Peak Hotel, we chanced upon Alberto’s Pizza. The menu was decent and the price was reasonable. And although it was Alberto’s Pizza, we went for the local breakfasts instead! We choose the Hungarian and Cheese Krainer, each at 75 pesos (about $2!).

Breakfast at Alberto's Pizza Cebu!
Breakfast at Alberto’s Pizza Cebu!

Each set came with a sunny-side up and garlic rice! Yum! However, the Hungarian sausage was a little too salty for our taste.

Alberto's Pizza Breakfast Set
Alberto’s Pizza Breakfast Set

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All in all, the breakfast set at Alberto’s Pizza was a great way to kick start the day!

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