Formula One (F1) Grand Prix Night Race Singapore

F1 @ Bay Grandstand

Kate and I always enjoy things that are cheap and good (in hokkien : ai pi ai chee). So when the formula one (f1) grand prix night race came to Singapore, we were eager to be part of the event. This is also because there are only 2 of such f1 night races in the world and it is also one of the most spectacular street circuits on the f1 calendar. However, the F1 tickets were quite expensive (eventhough it includes F1 live which includes acts such as mariah carey, linkin park etc.) and we were not really that much of F1 fans. So, in order to be part of the grandprix, we decided to hunt around the race track to see where we would have free close up view of the event.

After some scouting, we realised that the marina square food court had a good view of the formula one race. Not only that, as the Singapore f1 leg was also a night race, it provided a stunning backdrop to the grandprix.
Day time view of the Singapore City Skyline
Day time view of the Marina Bay Sands as backdrop to the race

Whats more, we also had food from the food court as we enjoyed the f1 race! 🙂
Claypot rice
Fish and Chips

Before the race started, there was a display of vintage cars that went around the track…
View of the vintage cars
Another view of the vintage cars

As night descended, we also had splendid view of the marina bay area
Night View of Marina Bay Sands
Night View of the Esplanade
Night View of the Singapore City Skyline
Another view of the Singapore City Skyline (Night)

It is important to note that, whenever you are attending any formula one grand prix race, BRING EAR PLUGS! For those who are sitting right at the podium of the F1 races, it is strongly recommended to bring ear defenders. These will help to protect your ears from the deafening sounds from those high-performance formula one engines! Also, if you are considering these free spots around the track, do remember to turn up early to chope (book) those seats. Kate and I were there 2 hours before the race started to ensure we had “one of the best seats in the house”!

The race this year was very exciting as Lewis Hamilton who was starting at 2nd position, crashed out in the 35th lap due to an accident. Later during the race we find Fernando Alonso, Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber battling hard to gain the top 3 spots from 8th,5th and 6th positions respectively.

As the race wore on, we saw 2 distinct groups pulling away, namely 1,2 and 3,4,5,6.  So as we watched the race, the first 2 cars would pass by,silence, followed by 4 cars ,silence then the rest of the pack. In the end, it was Alonso who battled and fought at corners to stay on course to clinch the top spot from the 8th starting position. Great race, great determination!
View of the race
Another view of the race

Kate and I thoroughly enjoyed the race from our free spot at Marina Square. Later on, many fans also packed the place as this is now an open secret! Hence, for those of you F1 fanatics out there who missed out on those valuable f1 tickets, you might want to consider the newly renovated marina square food court for air-conditioned, bird’s eye view of portions of the track!

However, with F1 live as part of the package of the race, it is definitely worth it to buy those tickets, especially when the acts are one of your favourites. Enjoy the race!

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The start of the race where the cars form up

The Formula One F1 Grand Prix Night Race Singapore Street Circuit

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5 Comments on Formula One (F1) Grand Prix Night Race Singapore

  1. Hi… it is good idea for watching f1, i’m from Jakarta, as we also not big fans of f1, but we (me and my husband) is planing to watch it without buying any ticket (if possible).
    can you give us some tips, when is better time to come there? (marina square food court)

    many thanks

    • Hi Laura,

      Glad that the post has been of help. As the marina square food court is now renovated, the area is fully air-conditioned. Which means you may not get to the heart of the excitement (sights,sounds). But if you want to stay cool, you can still try this place. Be there about 4pm or so. Alternatively, if you would like to experience the excitement in open-air, you can try the open area right outside macdonalds. Scout around there, there should be a place or 2 with a view. If you want to try open-air, remember to bring ear plugs! Enjoy F1 Singapore Night race Laura!

    • Hi Laura, I realised another area that will have excellent free views of the f1 grand prix singapore. That is the Benjamin Sheares Bridge on the ECP (East Coast Parkway) located beside the Singapore Flyer. The only set back would be the weather. There isnt any shelter so you’re exposed to the elements. But the views are as good as the grand stand seats and its free. 🙂

    • Hi Mkori, we are not entirely sure either. However, we wouldnt be surprised as this is a very good spot to view the entire race. The proven places would be around the Marina Square area. Enjoy the race!

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