Halloween Horror Nights @ Universal Studios Singapore RWS

Halloween Horror Nights @ Universal Studios Singapore (Resorts World Sentosa) has got to be the best Halloween-themed event we’ve been to!

The tickets not only allow visitors to be frightened at 5 different scare zones, there are also 2 haunted houses and 4 attractions rides (including battlestar galactica Cylon/Human) to keep visitors entertained from 8pm till 12 midnight.

The prices of the tickets costs $60 each and if you pay an additional $20 dollars, you would be able to enjoy the express pass to all 4 attractions (Battlestar Galactica Cylon/Human, Accelerator and Revenge of the Mummy). If you had recently applied for Maybank credit cards, you would have also received a pair of free passes to the event.

So, the plan was, to head directly to the attractions and take a few rides before the crowd overwhelms these attractions (by the time we left, the waiting time for battlestar galactica was 90minutes). However, the catch was , you would have to be the first few to navigate through the first 3 scare zones….

Event guide to Halloween Horror Nights Universal Studios Singapore
Event guide to Halloween Horror Nights Universal Studios Singapore

Map of Halloween Horror Nights Universal Studios Singapore
Map of Halloween Horror Nights Universal Studios Singapore

Looking at the map, you would notice that in order to reach Battlestar Galactica, you would have to navigate through the first 3 zones – CarnEvil, Post-Apocalyptic Rage as well as the Void…


Since we were very focused, Kate and I were among the first to make a beeline to Battlestar Galactica. It was scary…

Entrance to CarnEvil
Entrance to CarnEvil

Since we were the first ones to enter, the scareactors have no one but YOU to scare, they would all turn their focus on YOU! So, there are basically 2 ways to navigate pass CarnEvil

1. Act like you’re on the phone. This was taught to us by an American kid who was here the previous week. When you seem uninterested or pre-occupied with something else, the scareactors will normally let you off.

2. Stick to the sidewalks. For CarnEvil, the sidewalks are still pretty much the merchandise shops or restaurants, so they are still very safe from the actors.

So that was what we did, stuck to the sidewalks and move on. We managed to take a video of the CarnEvil Ring Master who was game enough to strike a pose for us…

The Director

Having passed CarnEvil, you would be greeted by the Director. Yes, he is the one who is on the cover of the advertisements and brochures of Halloween Horror Nights. Scary dude…

The Director @ Halloween Horror Nights Universal Studios Singapore
The Director @ Halloween Horror Nights Universal Studios Singapore

Kate managed to catch a picture of him looking at our camera! Spine-chilling eh? He is also constantly on the lookout for other ‘victims’ as they pass by…

Post Apocalyptic Rage

This zone is easily the scariest of all zones at Halloween Horror Nights. The scareactors are really on. Not only that, when we finally navigated past CarnEvil with a few others, everyone (about 10 of us) were too scared to enter because the fog restricted our view and we really do not know what was ahead…

But in order to enjoy Battlestar Galactica , we had to brave this zone….though we really should have let others go ahead first…take a look at how one victim was scared by an ‘undead’ scareactor…

Imagine 10 of such actors ‘attacking’ Kate and I as we navigated past them! They were all closing in on us just like in the movies! So, we literally ran! (P.s. there were no side walks here). The fog also hindered our flight and we ran into more ‘undead’ as we tried to exit this zone!

The Void

The Void is a zone where a mad scientist has created ‘freaks’ such as frankensteins with brains exposed. The 2 zones (The Void and Post-Apocalyptic Rage) were almost joined, so barely after we exited one, we entered another…and still, we were the first ones and all the scareactors came after us! Ahh!!! So we had to “ask direction” from one of the staff (they are wearing their normal black Polo-Ts) so as to seek refuge from the scareactors!

Yup, we continued running! Close to the end of the zone, we saw the mad scientist performing an experiment on his next victim…

Battlestar Galactica Cylon/Human

Finally, after fleeing and fighting monsters for 3 zones, we got to Battlestar Galactica! Yay! We were the first ones there and therefore enjoyed front seats of both rides (Human and Cylon) before the crowd came.

Battlestar Galactica is actually a roller coaster ride that launches side by side, of course one of them represents Cylon (overhanging roller coaster) and the other Human (seated rollercoaster).

Battlestar Galactica
Battlestar Galactica

Entrance to Cylon
Entrance to Cylon

Cylon. First we visited Cylon, the overhanging ride. We were able to get the front row seat as we’re the first to arrive! The ride first propels you (not climb slowly) up to the top of the first peak as you drop down free-falling down the highest point of the ride. The rest of the ride makes you feel as though your dangling legs are going to hit the structures. Another highlight of the ride were the twists and overhanging portions where you navigate several seconds of the ride inverted. The last highlight of the ride has got to be one where the ride brings you at full force towards a white platform and as you think you’re not going to hit the platform, you’re wrong! You go straight into it! The ‘white platform’ is actually a water mist section, so as you emerge, you would heave a sigh of relieve…phew…didnt crash land there…

Human. We’ve got to say that both rides are enjoyable. But the ride that has a more thrilling effect on the first and highest peak has got to be Human. This is because it’s a seated roller coaster, and as you drop, the roller coaster “drops with you” , making you feel as though your heart’s dropping as well. Unlike Cylon, the overhanging ride pulls you up as you descend so you feel a little ‘safer’. Also because you can grab hold of the overhanging safety secure that covers your chest but you cant do that for Human as it secures you from bottom up, essentially leaving you without “cover” from chest up. The other highlight has got to be a almost 90 degrees turn that made us feel the G effect as we negotiated the bend.

Conclusion: Both rides are cool! May the best species survive…

The Edge of Darkness

After leaving Battlestar Galactica, there were still few people around (must have got stuck at the first few scare zones) so we decided to go for “Revenge of the Mummy”. Guess what, we had to navigate past the scareactors at the entrance of The Edge of Darkness. There was an “undead”, werewolf lookalike and a skeletal wizard. Of course they scared us as we were the first ones there…

Entrance to Revenge of the Mummy
Entrance to Revenge of the Mummy

As we entered the ride, we had to go through a long maze for about a minute before we reached the ride. While walking, we didnt see no one and it was getting kind of scary. (Tip for USS : if there was a scareactor along the queue, it would have upped the scare effect) We were the only ones on our ride again! The ride was especially scary when there’s no one else. The ups and downs of the roller coaster was done in pitch darkness so that was somewhat enjoyable as well (not knowing what turns or drop to expect next).

Leaving the ride, we entered the last zone which was the disco arena, 44Sins.


The entrance was guarded by scareactors and we were really deciding whether to enter. But there was a lady who offered us a promotion to have free flow of Tiger Beer (on draft) for $30 which she said would grant us the courage for the night ahead. So we took the offer which by the way came with a shot of orange vodka.

Free Flow of Beer in Halloween Horror Nights Mug that blinks!
Free Flow of Beer in Halloween Horror Nights Mug that blinks!

As we entered, the skeletal guy and muscular Eyptian man scared us but really, as you enter 44Sins, it is the ‘safe zone’, the scareactors here are really dancers and it’s quite funny when you see skeletal guy and ‘undead’ rocking the dance floor. Even the DJs were in masks…

We were also in time to see a dance performance put up by the scareactors…

We missed the 2 haunted houses (Vengeance of the Matriarch and The Pestilence) because we had enough frights for the night navigating through the scarezones as the only visitors. So we chilled and danced the night away at 44Sins…

On the way out, we had huge slice of Hawaiian pizza at Louie’s. It was $9 bucks but totally worth it as the crust was fluffy, something unique from normal pizzas. Do give it a try…

All in all, Halloween Horror Nights @ Universal Studios Singapore has been an excellent event and must be one of the most happening place for the Halloween theme.

Kudos to the USS producers , choreographers and scareactors!

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Revenge of the Mummy @ Halloween Horror Nights Universal Studios Singapore
Revenge of the Mummy @ Halloween Horror Nights Universal Studios Singapore

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