Hard Truths about being a Singapore Travel Blogger

To many people, being a travel blogger (especially in Singapore) is like a dream come true. Afterall, it is not without its perks. We do get invited to visit this attraction, stay at that hotel and try out new restaurants. However, behind all the “glitz and glamour” of having the dream job, the hard truth is that travel blogging is TOUGH and here’s why…

Hard Truth No. 1 : You run your own business

No one ever told us that being a travel blogger is like running your own business AKA TOUGH. Besides writing (which you must enjoy), you tend to various aspects of the site much like a business. You will have to write good quality content (really important!), market the site, speak to potential sponsors, negotiate with companies, compete for travel spots, ensure good customer service, do up your financials and constantly think of ways to improve. Of course, you will be travelling much of the time as well (which drains you physically – we’ll get to that)

Hard Truth No. 2 : Blurred distinction between Work & Play

Since the business is your baby, you will spend alot of time thinking about it. Even in bed. Just before you sleep. If you hold a 9 to 5 job, the distinction is clear. You will focus on your job and go home and relax. The weekends are free for you to enjoy. Not so when you own a business. It becomes a 247 task to make sure that your business runs smoothly.

Travelling also takes on a different meaning. In the past, travelling means “Yay! Time to chillax!”. With travel blogging as a full time job, you will have to think alot about what the readers (yes, we’re thinking of you when we travel) need from our travel experiences. What are the small nuances that will help our readers in their next travel trip. How to have picture perfect moments (still waiting for camera sponsors…) and to deliver the best content to our readers.

Not that we’re complaining, but it is afterall now a whole new ball game.

Hard Truth No. 3 : You really don’t get paid much

You must be thinking that being invited to all the countries, attractions, hotels and restaurants must mean that the companies pay us alot. No. They don’t. Sponsors dont usually give you spending $ per se, which means that you will still need to spend to buy that souvenir or enjoy that dinner.

To that end, living in Singapore also adds to the stress because some months you may do well and in others, “not so well” may be an understatement. The stress is constant and you do have mouths to feed. Aka Kate’s.

Travel blogging is still a dream job!

However, it is not all that bad. It is really a dream job! Writing and travelling combines what we love to do. Takes us to places and allows us to share these experiences with you, our readers.

Whatever you’ll be trying out in the future, the most important thing is to enjoy it! 🙂

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