Houston Space Center: Past, Present and Future…

Space Center Houston is one of the biggest attraction in Houston and after our 8D7N cruise to the West Caribbean, we decided to visit this amazing attraction!

Houston Space Center
Houston Space Center

What to do at Houston Space Center

Map of Space Center Houston
Map of Space Center Houston

The main sections of Houston Space Center includes

1. Starship Gallery
2. NASA Tram Tour
3. The International Space Station (ISS)
4. Astronaut Gallery / Space Center Theater
5. Zero-G Diner
6. Blast-Off! Theater
7. Main Plaza
8. Independence Plaza

Main Plaza Houston Space Center
Main Plaza
International Space Center Houston Space Center
Exercising in Space
Exercising in Space

The first couple of things we learnt at Space Center Houston is the International Space Center, also known as ISS. The ISS is an international collaboration and is actually a location to learn more about living in space. At the same time, findings in space has also helped push frontiers in many fields such as engineering and medical back on earth. A side effect of staying in space for an extended period of time is the reduction in bone density. Hence, there are exercise regimes set up at ISS to slow down the reduction and hopefully maintain the bone densities of astronauts.

Mars Rovers Houston Space Center
Mars Rovers
Independence Plaza Houston Space Center
Independence Plaza
View of Earth from Moon Space Center Houston
Earth from Moon
Doodle on Life in Space
Doodle on Life in Space

There are many interesting exhibits around the space center such as a piece of moon rock where you can physically touch. The other exhibit which we liked was the diorama depicting the view of earth that the astronauts saw when they landed on the moon. At the Independence Plaza, you’ll be able to visit the NASA 905 shuttle carrier aircraft but remember to get the timed tickets to avoid the long queues.

Tram Tour Houston Space Center
Tram Tour
Historic Mission Control Independence Plaza Houston Space Center
Historic Mission Control
First men on the moon Space Center Houston
Armstrong Aldrin Collins
Panoramic of Historic Mission Control
Panoramic of Historic Mission Control

The other cool part of the Houston Space Center is the tram tour which brings you into NASA territory. There, you’ll be able to visit the Historic Mission Control, the actual area which oversaw the Apollo missions including Apollo 11 which landed the first man on the moon. Both Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the moon while the third member Michael Collins stayed in lunar orbit.

There are 2 cool things about the Historic Mission Control. Firstly, it has been conserved and restored to how it was in the 60s (including phone booths in the VIP seating area) when the Apollo Missions took place. The second thing is that the current mission control is still located in the same building. Being there, feels like you’re in the thick of the action where both the past and present meet!

Again, remember to get the timed tickets to avoid the long queues.

Tram Tour Houston Space Center
Rocket Park
Saturn V Houston Space Center
Saturn V
Apollo 11 Space Center Houston
Apollo 11

Before we concluded the tram tour, we were taken to the rocket park to see Saturn V, the largest rocket ever built. IT IS MASSIVE (36 stories tall) and is only one of three in existence today.

Opening Hours and Address of Houston Space Center

Address: 1601 NASA Road 1, Houston, TX 77058

Opening Hours

Mondays to Fridays: 10am to 5pm
Saturdays/Sundays : 10am to 7pm



KIDS (4-11) $19.95

ADULTS (12-64) $24.95

SENIORS (65+) $22.95

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We wished we had more time to really see and enjoy all the exhibits. If you are visiting the Houston Space Center, remember to get the timed tickets for Independence Plaza and Tram Tour. These will save you tons of time which you can spend to visit the other exhibits. With the Mars programme to put humans on Mars in the next 20 years, it will definitely be exciting times for space exploration in the future!

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