Monster Jam Singapore 2017 : See Monster Trucks Live at the Singapore National Stadium!

Having seen Monster Jam Salinas last year, it is really cool to see the Monster Jam series brought to Singapore! Monster Jam Singapore 2017 will be held on 19 August for a one day only event! This time, the line up includes Grave Digger (Jon Zimmer), Max-D (Neil Elliott), Dragon (Chad Tingler), El Toro Loco (Marc McDonald), Monster Mutt Dalmatian (Candice Jolly), EarthShaker (Randy Brown), Megalodon (Alex Blackwell), Monster Energy (Todd LeDuc), Scooby-Doo (Brianna Mahon)…

Max D Wheelie Winner Monster Jam Salinas 2016
Max D Wheelie Winner Monster Jam Salinas 2016

What to expect at Monster Jam Singapore

During our first visit to Monster Jam Salinas, we did not know what to expect! As it turns out, it was a carnival! This year, there would be a pit party from 2pm to 6pm where you can get to meet the drivers (known as athletes) and get up close to your favourite Monster Trucks! (Our favourite is Scooby Doo!)

Scooby Doo in Mid Air - Monster Jam
Scooby Doo in Mid Air – Monster Jam

Of course, expect loud engine sounds (remember to bring ear plugs along – a MUST!) and death defying stunts! Check out this amazing save by Max D during our visit to Monster Jam 2016 in Salinas! You won’t believe what he did in the last seconds of this video! UNBELIEVABLE!

Save of the year? Probably! The crowd just went wild!

Prices for Monster Jam Singapore

Front Row $120 (Adults) $120 (Kids)
VIP $85 $70
Cat A $65 $50
Cat B $45 $30
Cat C $25 $25

Although the Pit Party Pass has been sold out, you can still get great action at Monster Jam Singapore! We can’t stress this enough, but REMEMBER TO BRiNG EAR PLUGS to protect your ears! It’s gonna be LOOOUUUDDDD!

Have a great time at Monster Jam Singapore!

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