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Municipal House Prague – Enjoy a cuppa at Kavárna obecní Dům while reveling in the arts!

The location of the Municipal House Prague used to be the seat of Bohemian Kings in the 14th and 15th Century. It was then demolished at the end of the 19th century. In its place, the current Municipal House was built between 1906 and 1912.

What to do at Municipal House Prague

Municipal House

If you observe carefully, the mosaic above the entrance is actually a homage to Prague. It is set between sculptures that represent the oppression upon the Czech people. Other sculptures at the top represents various areas of the arts such as history, literature, painting, music and architecture.

The real reason why we’re here is actually to enjoy a leisurely afternoon tea at the Kavárna obecní Dům, commonly known as the Municipal House Cafe. Here, you can enjoy the lavish setting , live piano accompaniment in the background, excellent service as well as the opportunity to just immerse yourself in the history and art nouveau designs exuberated by the Municipal House.

Menu of Kavárna obecní Dům / Municipal House Cafe
Menu of Kavárna obecní Dům / Municipal House Cafe

We ordered the Menu 1 and Menu 3 (approximately 8 euros each) and we had the apple strudel with vanilla ice cream, the traditional “sachers” cake with whipped cream, tea as well as some liquer.

Apple Strudel with Vanilla ice cream
Apple Strudel with Vanilla ice cream

Traditional sachers cake with whipped cream
Traditional sachers cake with whipped cream

A tea set up
A tea set up

Egg liquer and pineau des charentes louis bouron

We were pleasantly surprised at the set up of the tea set. Simple yet classy. The cake and strudel was good as well. The whipped cream was the kind that you know is freshly made, not too sweet, just nice. Lastly, we ended off the meal with liquer. We have never tried egg liquer EVER, so it was interesting to have tasted the egg liquer. Quite nice actually. Sweet alcohol with a tinge of egginess to it.

We’ll now leave you with a video of the interior of the Municipal House Cafe. Enjoy the atmosphere (albeit a short one)!

Inside the Kavárna obecní Dům / Municipal House Cafe

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Municipal House Cafe Prague

Municipal House Cafe Prague

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