Royalty Fine Dining onboard the Royal Caribbean Cruise – Legend of the Seas

The fine dining experience onboard the Royal Caribbean Cruise – Legend of the Seas was one of a kind! The setting was classy (at the Romeo and Juliet fine dining restaurant). Kate and I were onboard the cruise for 8D7N and we stuck to the fine dining restaurant for all evening meals!

We are not exaggerating when we say that the food was EXCELLENT! The fine dining restaurant (Romeo and Juliet) was one of the highlights of the cruise. Each night we would anticipate the display of its menu and choose the dish that we want! It was something to look forward each night because

a. Service. You would be pampered by waiters and waitresses who will remember your names after the first night! They would remember your preferences such as whether you would like cold/hot water, pepper or not in your soup etc…

b. Presentation. The food would be very well presented! If it was a bisque, you would find a little artistic touch (like latte art) at the top. Likewise for the desserts, the plate would be decorated with fruits, chocolates, sauce etc.

c. Taste. The food we must say is of international standards! Not only would there be creativity in the types of food (fusion, western, asian), the tastes was mostly unforgettable!

d. Unlimited servings! This means you can try ALL the mains and ALL the desserts for the night! Can you believe it!?!

Here are just some of the wonderful food we’ve had…

The Mains
Grilled Chicken
Cream of Chicken
Breaded Prawns
Pulled Pork Burger
Mushroom Chicken
Asian Stir Fried Noodles
Scallop with Cheesy Pasta
Lamb Shank
Tiger Prawns

The Desserts

The fine dining experience really made the difference for Kate and I onboard this cruise. We were really pampered like royalties each night and returned to our rooms FULL! The food was excellent, ambience was good, value for money and the service was impeccable. If we were to rate, it would be FULL MARKS!

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Lambshank Royal Carribean Cruise
Lambshank Royal Carribean Cruise

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