The Future of Travel Tourism

Have you ever wondered what the future of travel tourism holds? Well, let’s take a quick peak at what’s in the pipeline and may possibly become a reality in the future…

Space Travel

Future of Travel Tourism - Space Travel
Future of Travel Tourism - Space Travel
Space travel for common people like you and I may not be so distant as it seems. Commercial space travel has already begun for the rich but as demand and technology grows, prices will gradually fall which will eventually make it affordable for common people.

But we’re not only talking about taking space shuttles to see the Great Wall of China from space. We’re talking about cities, hotels and restaurants. Imagine having a spa while staring into the vastness of space or taking the term “sky dining” to a whole new dimension!

Deep Sea Exploration

Future of Travel Tourism - Deep Sea Exploration
People have been saying that the astronauts have been knocking on the wrong door with all the space exploration. Afterall, the surface of the earth is about 70% water (well…decreasing with land reclamation) and there’s really so much beneath those waters that we do not know about.

A hotel in Dubai is heading in the right direction. Visitors can literally open their screens and be welcomed into a whole new world (see picture).

Green Travel and Tourism

Future of Travel Tourism - Green Travel
Future of Travel Tourism - Green Travel
It has already begun but will continue to grow – green initiatives that drive travel and tourism.

In Singapore, Chek Jawa offers visitors a chance to see many different species of plants and creatures while bearing in mind the importance of conservation. Conservation messages were also heard when we were at the Kinabalu Park in Sabah. Around the world, green initiatives such as green bicycles (cycling with a dynamo that produces electricity) and electrical modes of transport (0 emission of fumes to the environment) have spurt and continues to spread messages of conservation – reduce, reuse and recycle.


There are so many things about history that we do not know about. Did you know that there was a time when time was not a part of people’s lives? That time was actually not so long ago. The concept of time as we know today only started in the early 19th century when seconds started to be captured as minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years. In fact, the term “overslept” only came into existence after the creation of the alarm clock!

That’s a fun fact for all of us and there are many other interesting things about history (rise and fall of nations, creation of awe-inspiring architectures around the world) that we and future generations can continue to learn from.

More Tall and Unique Buildings

Future of Travel Tourism - More Tall and Unique Buildings
Future of Travel Tourism - More Tall and Unique Buildings
Since days of old, man have been trying to build the next tallest and unique buildings. The tower of Babel, Eygptian pyramids, Eiffel Tower and the Empire State Building (ESB) bears testimony to that.

In recent times, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai (standing at 828metres) seems to have left its other competitors behind with its incredible height. Over in Singapore, the Marina Bay Sands and Marina Barrage have also become engineering feats with their architectural concepts. Japan has also just completed its tallest tower yet and it does not seem that the world will stop building these tall and unique buildings any time soon.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Future of Travel Tourism - Augmented and Virtual Reality
Future of Travel Tourism - Augmented and Virtual Reality
The release of the Google Glasses brings us one step closer to the augmented and virtual reality realm right in front of you (literally!). Perhaps travelling in the future is no more than lounging in the pool (while you’re virtually in the Caribbean) or visiting your favourite destinations right in the comfort of your own home!

What do you think the future holds for travel and tourism? Share it in our comments below!

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9 Comments on The Future of Travel Tourism

  1. I love that you listed Green Travel and Tourism in your list! It really is a big movement and a great way to travel and enjoy the world.

    • Hi Mollie!

      Thanks! We hope that this post has triggered us to think more about the future of travel and tourism and to shape it such that all of us can still enjoy what we have today, tomorrow!

  2. Deep sea exploration, green travel and history fall right into the categories that I love the most when traveling.

    • Hey Wen,

      Experiencing local life and culture is already a part of today’s travel trends. We see things in this post as the future of travel tourism!

      Have a great one!


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