Things to do and attractions in Desaru, Malaysia!

There are so many things to do and attractions in Desaru! Let’s find out what are some of the things that you can do right here in Desaru!

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Desaru Fruit Farm

What would a visit to Desaru be like without a visit to the Desaru Fruit Farm?

Not only will you be able to savour all the different kinds of food available at the Desaru Fruit Farm, the tour guides will also tell you the benefits of all the different kinds of fruit and the quantity that you should take to achieve the benefits.

To top things off, there’s even a sumptuous meal thrown in (inclusive of crabs and crayfish)!

Fruits galore at Desaru Fruit Farm
Fruits galore at Desaru Fruit Farm
Sumptuous Meal at Desaru Fruit Farm
Sumptuous Meal at Desaru Fruit Farm
 The Aftermath
The Aftermath
 photo 30minslater.jpg
The Aftermath Part 2

*Please note that the food served depends on the package that you go for. Kate and I had two meals at the fruit farm and we enjoyed western for our other meal there.

A visit to the Desaru Fruit Farm is not only educational but satisfying for the palettes! Great place to visit with the kids as well!

Firefly River Cruise Tour

Another must visit attraction at Desaru is the Firefly River Cruise Tour!

Firefly River Cruise Tour
Firefly River Cruise Tour

If you have not tried this river cruise, this Singapore Travel Blog recommends that you experience this magical journey down the river since it is just an hour away. Once you check in to your Desaru Hotel, make sure to check out times so that you can coordinate your evening. This cruise is very popular among nomads traveling from countries like the Philippines and other parts of Malaysia since it gives a different perspective of Desaru. It will expose you to your other senses under the darkness of the night.You become more aware of your surroundings and the sounds of the night as well as the waves of the river (and of course the motor of the boat).

As you approach the fireflies, the boat stops its engines to get you up close. If you’re daring enough, you can even place them in the palm for a photo shot! Unfortunately, our cameras are not up to the mark for night shots… (*hint hint* to potential sponsors!)

Beach Activities at Desaru

One of the main attractions of Desaru is of course its coastline formed with the South China Sea. The pristine beaches offers picturesque views of sunrise…

Sunrise at Desaru Malaysia
Sunrise at Desaru Malaysia
 photo moresunrise.jpg
Another view of the sunrise
Clear blue waters of Desaru Malaysia
Clear blue waters of Desaru Malaysia

The clear blue waters also plays host to an array of water activities such as kayaking, banana boat rides and even parasailing!

Where to stay in Desaru Malaysia

While you’re there, why not check out some of these top hotels in Desaru?

1. Lotus Desaru Beach Resort

2. Sand & Sandals Desaru (formerly known as Pulai Desaru Beach Resort & Spa)

Swimming Pool at Sand and Sandals Desaru
Sand and Sandals Desaru

Check out our full review of Sand and Sandals Desaru here!

3. Desaru Tunamaya Beach and Spa Resort

For your convenience, we have arranged for the best hotel deals in Desaru right here!

Bed on the second level in one bedroom suite at Lotus Desaru Beach Resort
Best Hotel Deals at Desaru!

How to get to Desaru

There are actually 2 ways to get there from Singapore.


The ferry from Singapore to Desaru takes about 45 minutes and you can hop onto the ferry at the Changi Ferry Terminal.

Via the Senai Desaru Expressway

The drive time from Singapore to Desaru has been greatly reduced with the completion of the Senai Desaru Expressway. No longer do you need to make a trip north to Kota Tinggi then south back to Desaru. With the Senai Desaru Expressway, the drive time is cut to about 45 minutes (this excludes the waiting time at the causeway jam!)

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Things to do and attractions in Desaru - Desaru Fruit Farm
Things to do and attractions in Desaru - Desaru Fruit Farm

If you’re going to Desaru, do check out our reviews of Lotus Desaru Beach Resort as well as Pulai Desaru Beach Resort!

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  1. Hey There. I found your blog using msn. This is a really well written article.
    I’ll make sure to bookmark it and come back to read more of your useful information. Thanks for the post. I’ll certainly return.

    • Hi Monserrate,

      Thanks for your comments. We hope that the information from this article can form the basis of your next visit to Desaru!

  2. Unfortunately I went to sleep and missed my flight to Singapore last night. The next time I go there I think I might check out Desaru, it looks beautiful.

    • Hi Nico!

      What happened?! How did you miss a flight to SG?! Yup, do check out Desaru for fringe travelling around Singapore the next time you are here! Besides the attractions that Singapore offers, its also a great base for travelling to many places in southeast asia!

  3. Hi Tom and Kate,

    Many thanks for the excellent info there! I’m a Singaporean and would like to visit Desaru. I have a few questions:

    1) Which route would you recommend? Taking a ferry there or via the expressway. Please help me to weigh the pros and cons.
    2) Are there any good sites you could recommend to do the booking?

    I just want a smooth sailing trip there with my gf with least hiccups possible so I’m planning everything in advance. (: Appreciate your help loads! Thanks!

    • Hi Bobby!

      Our recommendation would be to drive. Driving will give you the flexibility to visit the various attractions (Kate suggested that you can even go to Tebrau City thereafter) and it is slightly faster as compared to the ferry now that the Senai Highway is available. Plus, if you get sea sick easily, driving is always the better option as compared to the ferry…

      Next, for accommodation, we usually book through Agoda. This is because we have tested it so many times by verifying with the respective hotel websites and other hotel engines. Agoda always comes up with a cheaper rate or equivalent rate. But because they give you rewards points, even equivalent rates are “cheaper”. In addition, for every hotel stay, you can do a review (usually takes 1 minute) and you can get 500 points for free! So far we have received a couple of nights stay free because of the rewards!

      Lastly, we recommend staying at Lotus Desaru. You can also check out our post of Lotus Desaru here. The good thing about staying at Lotus is that it is a all-in-one accommodation. There’s a swimming pool, swimming area and water park. Gym, if you’re a fitness junkie. It’s just next to the beach with decent pub and local food. There’s also a spa for you to relax at. Had a very relaxing neck/shoulder massage there.

      Hope this helps Bobby! Have a wonderful trip with your girl!


      • Hi Tom,

        Thank you for your prompt informative reply. Right now, I do not have a car and so, we are unable to drive directly from Singapore to Desaru.

        Could you recommend where I could book my transport of such and at a cheaper rate? (: Thanks loads!


        • Hi Bobby,

          There are still a couple of ways that you can do this. There are online bus bookings to Malaysia and travel agencies with bus bookings. If those options are out, then you may have to choose the ferry.

          But we still prefer driving…go get the license Bobby! It will increase your flexibility when travelling, even in places like Europe, Australia, NZ and USA.

          Have fun in Desaru!


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