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Travel Guard Chartis
Travel Guard Chartis
Besides the essential things that you must have when you travel, one of the most crucial things that people tend to forget or leave to the last minute is travel insurance.

Kate and I normally leave this to the last minute because of the flexible travel dates that we might have. But this is not a problem with Travel Guard Chartis. This is because we can get a quote instantly and even make our purchase easily online.

Trip cancellation, emergency medical, and flight!

The reason why we highly recommend Travel Guard Chartis as a must have travel companion is this…

Murphy’s Law

We dont want to say this but according to Murphy’s Law : Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. This may include things like loss baggage, flight delays or even travel accidents. When things happen, we want to know that they are being well taken care of and this is when Travel Guard Chartis comes in.

With Travel Guard Chartis, we know that

1. If our baggage is lost – “Yay! Compensation!”
2. If flight is delayed – “Yay! More pocket money!”

Basically, when Murphy strikes, we know that we are well covered.

For Shopping Trips

Have you ever been in a situation whereby you’re on a shopping extravaganza and you’re thinking to yourself if these things can fit into the luggage?

Then you would think about what will happen if my luggage gets lost in translation and never comes back. Then all of my hard work of choosing, picking the right colour, bargaining would have gone to waste. Of course if you have bought luxury goods, that would add to your misery when this happens.

That is why when Kate and I go for shopping trips, we make sure that we are well covered especially on our flight back. We also make sure that the coverage would be able to take care of the loss (at least in terms of monetary compensation) in the event of a baggage loss.

With Travel Guard Chartis, this is easily taken care of. With the different packages available, you can choose to take a higher premium coverage or have custom-tailored coverage suited to your travel needs.


One of the main reasons why we love Travel Guard Chartis, is the fact that it is so convenient to get ourselves covered for the trip.

Usually before our trip, we would just go online, pick the package we want and tada, we are covered and ready to go. You can easily save your coverage in a soft copy and bring it along with you. The contact numbers in the event of emergency are also there as an easy reference for you.

Snappy coverage. That’s what we like.

Peace of mind

Of course with Travel Guard Chartis, we can always have a peace of mind when we go for our vacations. That’s one of the things you want to take off your mind and just fully relax when you go on a vacation right?

With Travel Guard Chartis, You can!

Click on any one of the Travel Guard Chartis banners and you will be on your way to your next well-protected and well deserved vacation!

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