We are TWO!

What an exhilarating year it has been for 2bearbear.com! We actually celebrated quite a number of firsts in the last year!

1. Our daily unique visitorship peaked at 700 for the first time! (That means 700 different people visited our site in 1 single day! :o)
2. Our first facebook contest was held this year!
3. First time that we visited Europe twice in a year! (Once is already considered extravagant!)
4. First time that Kate and I went to the Oktoberfest in Munich Germany!
5. Wrote a post about the future of travel tourism that was very well-received!
6. Ranted about the Hard Truths of being a Singapore Travel Blogger which somehow became quite popular!?
7. Had one of our best Singapore Staycations at Raffles Hotel and Ritz Carlton!
8. Launched our first E-book : 2bearbear’s Awesome Travel Tips!
9. Launched yet another new logo : He Works , She Shops!
10. Visited new places such as Prague and Sri Lanka!

Special thanks to all our partners, especially to Raffles Hotel (big shout out to Beatrix!) and Ritz Carlton Millenia (Hey Wenxian!) for your continued support! To all potential partners, do take a look on our Advertise page and keep in contact with us. We will be launching a “Hot Travel Deals” section soon with a start of 5 ad slots. Join us!

HOWEVER, NONE of these would have been possible without you! YES YOU! Our dear readers of 2bearbear.com! And because of you, we will continue to deliver good old solid truthful reviews of all our travel experiences!

To reward your continuous support, we are holding 2 contests in quick succession during our 2nd birthday! Our first one is already underway. If you have visited the Navy Open House recently, simply send in those memorable pictures to take part and stand to win a limited edition Navy Open House Teddy Bear! (appropriate for 2bearbear.com to give out teddy bears right?)

Our second contest is gonna be launched soon! Be sure to check with our *Contests & Promotions* page (on top) regularly to check out our on-going contests!

Last but not least to Kate, our residential photographer (she’s very particular about proportions, perspectives, lightings and stuff) for being my most caring wife!

I love you!

Have a great year of travels everyone!

Tom & Kate,
Founders and Travel Bloggers of 2bearbear.com

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    • Hey Edmund, Jiahui!

      Great meeting you and the kids! They’re really guai and adorable! Thanks for the company and sharing of experiences as well. Hope to see you all soon!

      Have a blessed week ahead!

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