What do you look for in a Travel Vacation?

Just thought it would be interesting to find out what all of us look for when we go for our vacations. That is to say, when we travel, what are some of the things that we look forward to during our vacations?

In this post, we will discuss some of the things that we look out for and if you have other perspectives, why not share with us in the comments section below?

Here are some of the things we (at 2bearbear.com) look forward to in our travels…


As city dwellers in sunny Singapore, it is really a luxury to just get away from it all and travel to scenic spots to simply relax. It can be awe-inspiring to re-connect with nature as well. For instance, during our visit to the Grand Canyon as well as the Niagara Falls, not only did we feel completely relaxed, we were also awe-struck by how magnificent nature can be!

Tourist Attractions

As typical tourists, many a times, we adopt the “been-there-done-that” mentality. I mean, how can you visit Paris without going to the Eiffel Tower or visit New York City without going to the Empire State Building right? So when we visit a certain location, we would be sure to find out from websites such as 2bearbear.com (a very good travel site I must say) about the things to do in that place. If the reviews are good, we’ll definitely pay a visit to these attractions.


With Kate around, shopping is a must. But it doesnt mean that it should burn a hole in your pocket. This is because each country has its own produce or specialties to purchase. For instance, many would visit Indonesia to buy handicrafts, Vietnam for paintings and of course New York for Coach, Kate Spade (think Woodbury Common Premium Outlet). Outlet malls such as the Johor Premium Outlet can also be great places to catch a steal. When you get these specialties from the countries of origin, chances are that the prices would be cheaper as well.


Notice the exclamation mark for “Food!”!! Food is one of those things that help us connect to the local culture. Plus, since Singapore is a place where many cultures gather, we are very receptive of food from different cultures. One of our most memorable food trips has got to be in USA where we tasted some of the best french-dipped sandwiches and nachos in Philadelphia… BEST EVER!

Asian food trips to Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong made our day as well!


Nowadays, staycation is a hot buzz word. Instead of travelling half way round the world to enjoy amenities that you may scrimp on, why not save on that air ticket and enjoy the excellent hotel facilities back home? Hence, we did several staycations in Singapore and found ourselves thoroughly relaxed and rejuvenated after these staycations!

Tell us about your trips!

Now it’s your turn to tell us what you look forward to in a trip! Leave us your thoughts and perspectives in our comments section below!

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What do you look for when you travel

So what do you look for in your travels and vacations?

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2 Comments on What do you look for in a Travel Vacation?

  1. Everything but shopping. I travel light, and I keep my home minimalist and clean, so the last thing I want to do is pick up a bunch of crap on vacation to bring back.

    As far as what I do look for: reasonable prices, peace and quiet, beautiful scenery, great food, great culture, great people.

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